Stephanie Baughman — Missionary to Tasmania

Little Hands, Little Feet

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We have had a very
successful 6-week Good News Club in St. Leonards. Boys and girls
heard the Gospel for the first time. Parents have seen a positive
influence in their children’s lives. It culminated with our church hosting
a BBQ for the families of the community. Good News Club families
are now quite interested in attending church. As a result, I will be
starting a children’s ministry at our little church next Sunday. We used
to have a children’s ministry, but since being back after COVID, there
weren’t children coming regularly enough to have a Kid’s Ministry on
Sundays. It is an exciting time for our church as after the BBQ people
are getting more enthused about outreach to these families. We will
be expanding Good News Club to meet two terms next year and have
already planned a couple more BBQ’s at the beginning and end of
next year’s Good News Club.
In other Good News Club news, City and Longford continued their
studies of the Life of Christ. We finished the Term by making tie dye
bunting with the words from Hebrews 13:5b on it which they can
display in their rooms. Next Term will be all about the last week of
Jesus’ life which can be pretty sobering and impactful.
This school holidays, the little town of Cressy had a holiday club all
about Space. We learned that God Speaks through Creation and
through His Son. There were many children who hadn’t been to any
other CEF programs, but not many of them live in Cressy. It was
mostly children visiting their grandparents for school holidays. So,
there is still much work to be done to reach the children who actually
live in Cressy.
On a final note, as you are getting this newsletter (if by email) much
of this region of our island as well as farther west is underwater in
floods. I am lucky enough to live on high ground, but there will be
much clean up needed. We were to be ministering at a fair tomorrow,
but I’m not sure if it will go ahead. You can pray for us that this heart
breaking devastation to livelihoods and property would draw people to
seek Christ.

Prayer Requests:
• Pray for several children
who were very interested
in the Gospel at St
Leonards and just didn’t
quite understand yet that
they would come to
church with their families
and receive Jesus as
their Saviour.
• Pray for our church as
we get back to having
Kids Ministry next
• Pray for the boys and
girls in Longford and City
as they continue to be
discipled this upcoming
school term.
• Pray for comfort for those
who have lost everything
in the floods and that
they would seek Christ.