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We need to have a plan, strategy, vision, and God will amend it if he needs it. Believers in Acts had all three. They went to key cities, the capitals of the provinces as they preached the good news. There they preached at the synagogues or main gov’t buildings. From there the gospel was flowing naturally through all the joints and natural connections to the smaller places in the region. Soon the whole area was saturated with the good news. Were there any changes to the pattern? There were. And there will if we let God lead us. But God wants us to use our smart mind and planning abilities in the gospel preaching. Too often, we see Christians that do not have a plan or a strategy, not saying a vision. This is especially true here in B-stan.

Church Plant In Moscow
It is hard to believe that it is right in this moment there is a new church being planted in Moscow. Brother who was saved and raised in our church in Ufa, along with his team, answered the call. Many of you know him. Please pray for the success of this endeavor. Pray for a good rental hall and a heart of the landlord.

Men’s Club
Please pray for our men’s club participants. One old man – Anatoly – is not doing well. He also must take care of his even older mother. Because of that he has to stay home. He has been of great help for me for many years.

Due to rapidly deteriorating situation we have to relocate across the border to Kazakhstan. We had to make this decision for the safety and well-being of the family and the ministry. Our initial plan is stay there for two months. We remain in contact with all our key leaders on the ground. That will sure incur some unplanned expenses on us. Our estimates show us, we are going to need $600 per month for the total of $1200 for the duration of the trip. That is the price of the tickets and rental place.

Friends and Family
Tim is becoming a leader in his basketball team. And it is also so cute to see how a six years old Christina’s reciting a bible verse.
Continue to pray for Liliya’s father. We cannot say for sure but we are making attempts to speak the gospel into his ears.
Thank you once again for your faithful prayers for us, our family and ministry. We have been humbled and overwhelmed by your love and partnership.

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