Stephanie Baughman — Missionary to Tasmania

Dear Friend,

How are you? With a couple Good News Club leaders getting Covid and me needing a root canal (please continue to pray for my tooth as it’s a 3 step process), it has been a bit of a slow start to school term 4. But we are pressing on.

Last week Launceston’s Good News Club had 5 new children! What a blessing! 

Longford will resume after illnesses tomorrow. However, I was able to take one of our Longford girls to our church network’s youth group I help with (which is 4 churches coming together to make a youth group) for the first time Friday night as during the last term of the year 6th graders are allowed to come to youth group. That was great to get to spend some time together. She is the one who became a Christian at the Will Graham KidzFest earlier this year and who had a big change in her life at school as a result. She let me know Friday that her step brother is moving in with them tomorrow. Please pray for this transition in an already stretched family and that her step brother (4th grade) would want to come to Good News Club too.

Also, it’s the time of year to now start planning for summer ministry. Directly with children, we will be holding our holiday clubs in Launceston and George Town again. There is much to get ready for that. I will also be training a couple teachers in CEF’s Teaching Children Effectively college-level course. It has been since before the pandemic that I have taught the course in Tasmania although I did help someone else out with teaching the course while stuck in America in 2020. So you can begin now to pray as I brush up on my Teaching Children Effectively skills for that to go well in January.

That is the quick update here. I hope to send the another update around Thanksgiving, but in case you’re one of those families that celebrates the weekend before I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed American Thanksgiving!

In Christ,