Troy Guild — Missionary to Mexico

Mission to the Children

“Changing Our World One Life at a Time”

We have had another great month of Ministry; thank you for your support. We are seeing visitors in most of our services. Praise the Lord almost everyone who comes, returns. We are growing. Our Heart-to-Heart ministry gave coffee and sweet bread to over 100 needy people at our Regional Hospital. We counseled and prayed for many suffering people. Later this month we are planning to reach more people by going to two hospitals.  Our Box of smiles ministry is reaching many needy people in our congregations. Donations have reduced, and I urged you to please help us help more people. For only $30 you can help a needy Christian family. Please designate your donations to “Box of Smiles”.  This past Saturday we had our Couples party. Our guest speakers were Paul and Jessi Daniels; having almost 60 years of marriage, they blessed us with a wonderful message. We all had a wonderful time.  I need your prayers over our car situation. First, I want to thank all of you who have given to help us.  I know it has been very expensive. I am ashamed that after all of the repairs we do not have a good working, Car.  I am not asking for money, but rather I need your Prayers. I just found out that Mexico will not renew my temporary residency (please pray for a miracle) which allows me to keep an American car (my 04 Sienna) in Mexico. In March I will become a Permanent resident of Mexico, and I will have to take my Sienna out of Mexico.  I will have to replace the Catalytic Converters just to make it to the border. It is a 5-day trip to go and return. They pay tolls, gas, and hotels will cost way more than we have. The past six months our monthly donations continue to reduce, while at the same time one-time large donations have carried us.  The problem is that we have had so many extra car expenses, and I have had many bad experiences with recommended mechanics, who can’t fix my cars (Please pray I can find a good mechanic). In addition, there is no customer service So I have to keep taking the cars back and back trying to get them to do the work they were paid to do. It is so frustrating and tiring.  Please pray for our finances.    Let’s keep this in perspective. Our ministries are doing great, our donations are up but at the same time our car repairs are way up, and we are completely out of money. The beautiful thing is that God will do something great (as he has always done for us) and we will get to see a miracle. So please help pray for our miracle.  Please make donations to Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford, TX 76095