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The book of Acts ends as abruptly as the new unwritten chapter of the Acts begins. In this doing the author perhaps wanted to convey to us the idea about its incompleteness. It is still being written today. The Lord Jesus Christ continues to work with the same strength and force although in different forms. And we, as Christians, continue to be used by the Spirit with the same power. As we go along to preach the gospel another chapter of the Acts is being written. As we send missionaries or send them our monthly support. The full, completed Book of Acts we will read when we get to heaven.

A new group prospect

We are going to minister in Sterlitamak – second largest city in B-stan in first October. We plan to hold a conference with the local believers and then conduct a first Bible study group meeting there. Could you pray for the disciples there to grow spiritually and the local people to be saved. Pray especially for the local leader, for his boldness in preaching and perseverance. Pray, also for the financial gap to be covered for the trip which we still have unmet.

Featured Leader

I have written lately about one of our brothers who has been away from the Lord for some 20 years. The Summer Camp was a big overturn for him. He came there with his whole family. We spent a big amount of time in God’s Word with him there. Now, he is going to be involved into a new Bible group startup. Thank you for your prayers about his full restoration in ministry. It’s just amazing to see the restoring work of the Holy Spirit. Please continue to pray for the brother for wisdom in the group leading.

Friends and Family

The new school year is gaining momentum. Our schedule is becoming more and more complicated. Please pray for wisdom for each of us in effective planning and stamina.
Thank you for your continued prayers. It is because of you we still have our hands held. Thank you for your love and encouragement!

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