A Little Kneeology …. Luke 22:19…… “Do this to remember me.” Mike Swearingen

A Little Kneeology ….    Luke 22:19……   “Do this to remember me.”   

These are very familiar words, spoken by Jesus as He share what we have come to know as the Last Supper or the Lord’s Supper and I think words that we may have heard so many times in our lives as Christians that we have actually taken them for granted.

  However, recently my spirit was stirred in a moment of meditation that without a doubt we have reached a point in the history of our nation that we are truly being called to remember just who Jesus is and what He has done for us, and who we are required to be as followers of Jesus Christ.   Not only is time for us to remember but equally important for us to help others remember.  We are in an era of the gospel being altered and watered down and even polluted to the point that some are preaching for folks to do the very best they can and God will understand or even preaching that there is no hell and if there was, God is so full of love that He would not condemn anyone to hell.  First of all there is a hell and God does not condemn us, our sin and disobedience condemns us.  Our ministries must be focused on proclaiming the truth of the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We must be focused on reaching out not only to non-believers but to those who have fallen for the untruths that have been preached from pulpits who have sold out to the itching ears instead of proclaiming truth at the cost of popularity.  Ministries must examine purpose and move from existing for the purpose of perpetuating the existence to perpetuating the Kingdom.  It is a time in our history that we must examine everything that we are doing and bring it all in line to proclaiming the truths of God and perpetuating the Kingdom.  It is a time for us to not just mimic the words that speak of an unchanging God but to go back in history and be reminded how God has responded to rebellion and disobedience of not only the nations but mostly the people who claimed to be His.   We are at a time when we must revisit the basics, before denominations and various individual doctrines, such as remembering the Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, The Beatitudes, remembering the lessons taught to us by Jesus that we might live the life that pleases God and as we remember, teach them to others.  We have to face the fact that nothing will save this nation until we start remembering and then live out the remembrance.  Everything we do must focus on reviving those who have strayed and introducing Christ Jesus to those who have yet come to know Him, first as Lord and then as Savior.  I, for one, am examining everything I do so that my efforts are aimed at bringing folks to the point of remembering  who, what, and why.

NOTW,  Yours In Christ Jesus,   Bro. Mike