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Mission to the Children

The rainy season has hit us hard. We have had a lot of flooding at the ranch, but thanks to your support we were able to fix our entrance way, and start digging out the mud from under our bridge. I know many of you are experiencing cool weather but here it is always hot. …

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The Szymanski Family

Missionaries to Mexico Hello Friends, It’s time to share whats been going on with our family and what we have been up to. I’m going to start with the difficulties we are dealing with our health. About 5 Months ago we were in a car accident while visiting California. Maricruz and I are dealing with …

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Hope Ireland Missions

Chris and Larena Johnston — Missionaries to Ireland Oct. 2021 Massive Support and Encouragement Greetings loved ones! We’re settled back in Galway,after a whirlwind of a training season for our family. Honestly, it’sso nice to have the stability. We have been taking some time to getour house back in order, meeting with pastors, and celebratingLiam’s …

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