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Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

Admonishing every man

Wherever Paul went, he tried to get in touch with the local disciples. In Acts 21 he was going to Jerusalem but he was making multiple stops on the way there. I believe Luke was writing about each of the encounters and all the names for purpose. Paul could have made it straight. Instead, he made every stop possible to pray and encourage the new churches. In some churches he was appointing the presbyters while in the others he was holding some sort of retreat. He himself wrote about this his determination to “present every soul adult/perfect/grown in Christ Jesus.” Let it be in us, too.

Picnic May 9th and ESL classes

Our regular May 9th picnic went well. We had some new souls attending that were brought by the church members. Many were touched by the redeemed relationships that they saw between us at the riverbanks. Some expressed their interest to attend one of our groups. Could you pray that they could visit our Sunday service?
Our ESL classes are set to finish at the end of May. Please pray for us as we are doing the year’ end events. Pray that every precious soul would have an opportunity to hear the gospel. Also, worth praying for preservation of the souls during the long summer break.

Summer Family Camp

The SFC is set for July 25-30 this year. As always, it is a highlight of the year. We can do a lot of special things there. Most importantly, we can hold a seminar and outreach in nearby villages. We still have to rise $1300 for the camp, though.
If you pray for the brother that we’ve written about in our last few letters. He is going to travel north to join his family there and then they are going to come back to Ufa together. Could you continue to pray that the Lord would continue to restore the brother.

Friends and Family

We are seeing His mercy as we are in the middle of the exams season. Pray for wisdom and stamina for all of us throughout this season.
Thank you for standing with us for this land. We cannot properly express our gratefulness to you for your sacrifice and prayers for this ministry here!

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Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

Jesus I know, and Paul… who are ye

Way too many people want to capitalize on the gospel when it is glorious. In Acts 19 seven sons of Sceva decided to show that they also have power to cast demons. They even mentioned, “…whom Paul preacheth.” But, in the spiritual realms everything is clear: who belongs to whom. Even though those border lines may seem invisible for us. Both angels and demons see those borders that separate two kingdoms.

Easter Celebrations

This year Eastern Easter was a week after the Western. We had special services in our groups. The worship places were full and some people were sitting beyond the thresholds. Please pray as we follow up on those who have come for the first time.
Would you also pray for us visiting the conference beginning of May? Especially for travel mercies. This is a trip with several modes of transportation. Then, we have picnic on May 9th which every year we use as an outreach. Also, pray for preparation for our Summer Camp, July 25-30.

Featured Leader II

Well, in this letter we’ve decided to do a follow-up on the leader we shared about last time. God does miracles! The brother were able to invite his Muslim wife to our house for dinner. We ate together. Then we watched a Christian movie. Then he said her reaction after dinner was: “I haven’t met people with the souls cleaner.” Pray for his wife so that she would accept Christ as personal Saviour. Pray for the kids too, to grow in the Bible teaching. Pray for that brother to continue to grow in the Lord and be an example for many as he does his business enterprise. He is a doctor and runs a private addiction clinic.

Friends and Family

Tim played another new song at the Easter service. Please pray as we are approaching the time of for the finals. Usually, it is a time for double load on our shoulders and schedules. Pray for wisdom and stamina for all of us throughout this season.
Thank you, friends, for loving us and praying for us as we are an extension of your hands and feet here in B-stan. Thank you, Emmanuel Baptist Church for your provision for our websites.

Report from Uganda – Jan Beaderstadt

President – Renaissance Outreach Ministries

Greetings from Uganda!
I arrived Saturday afternoon from Nepal in Uganda here in East Africa. The next two weeks will be busy preparing for the Crusades we are conducting in the country. We are also working on opening a campus of the Jesus Seminary here in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.
It’s the rainy season and today we’ve had a tremendous rain that started in the middle of the night. The birds are still flying in the rains, making all kinds of noise. Anyone who knows anything about Uganda knows that this is a bird-watchers paradise!
We are now preparing for Holy Week and Easter.  
Be Blessed!
Bishop Jan L. Beaderstadt

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