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Danny Steyne-Special Report from Colombia, South America

Barranquilla, Colombia, South America: June 2018
My heart is overwhelmed with joy. What an amazing trip to Barranquilla, Colombia. A prophetic word about a dozen years ago was completely accurate. “You’ve seen what I have done in Columbia, South Carolina… but when you go to Colombia, South America everything will explode there and with everything and everywhere!”
We were in Colombia when the summit with Trump (USA) and Kim (North Korea) happened. In Colombia on Sunday elections were held and Duque was elected, something that will bring much shift in the geo-political realm… something I saw and spoke that the impact will not result in the same kind of resistance that Trump has experienced in the USA. God is paving the way for the Gospel to be spread further. Revival has dawned on Colombia.
Numerous miracles took place from deaf ears hearing and the blind seeing, to the lame walking both in meetings and on the streets… one man holding a crutch above his head as a smile shone on his face. Tumors shrunk and disappeared. Demons fled afraid of the Jesus in us… on one occasion in a prison literally screaming at Manuel “don’t touch me” as she ran from him…which evoked demons throughout the room to shout, “leave us alone!” The impact of the Lord was great on that day.
During one day several of us were on the largest radio station in the region. It was being listened to by somewhere around 80,000. At one point the Holy Spirit swept into that room as people across the city received powerful touches from God. Abby Rotch and Greg Senecal led powerful breakthrough worship in a meeting happening on the first floor and Rebekah Rotch released a powerful message on overcoming that broke on that room with a cry that was hard all through region on the radio. There was amazing ministry that morning. The previous night we had ministered on the streets near that station and many called in as God healed them. Many were saved that night as our team ministered on the streets and preaching through a PA system. Our two youngest members of the team, Abby Rotch, and Emily Flavell preached with amazing power and boldness and were joined later by John Rotch and Greg Senecal who released healing and Jesus to the many who passed by and over the airwaves throughout the region. Many were touched. During this time we as a team scattered on the streets with an incredible translation team and saw many come to Jesus and be healed. 
Salvation happened in every gathering we were in. Healings happened in every meeting were in. Deliverances happened in every meeting we were in. But with all those in the meetings… It continued to happen on the streets, the places we visited, and the hotel that we stayed at. God truly did a mighty work.
It was pretty obvious the enemy was not happy with us and one of the buses carrying all our translators was in an accident that totaled the bus. It was a difficult thing to process through the owner who made his livelihood with that bus, but he carried amazing joy all week, as he continued to come to the meetings and cooked meals for us several times!
I saw many healed, including a blind man and deaf woman, a man whose foot was destroyed through stepping on a mine. His story was amazing… and I don’t believe we have finished hearing about that one. He carries a powerful anointing for governmental leadership and God touched he and his wife profoundly. By the end of the time with him along the riverwalk where many are in the evenings… Armand Roberts had him parading his crutch above his head as his smile beamed about the goodness of God! Many were healed, freed, and saved that night. 
At our final meeting on Sunday morning I spoke a word to a young man. I didn’t realize the impact it would become. Later as we were meeting with the pastor and his wife the young man came in the room. He was the pastor’s son. I began sharing more about his life and what God intended for him. It was then that he told me he had been in many meetings with many others, but that day was different. It was like God noticed him and spoke directly to him. He quickly left and returned about ten minutes later with tears streaming down his face. He explained that he was one of twelve children, (eight boys). He shared how all of the others followed God, but he (as he showed us his tattoo covered arms) became rebellious in many ways. I had already told him that he carried the anointing of the Lord to reach his generation differently than his siblings… that he would be a powerful leader in his nation with the hand of the Lord on him. Another team member, Denise Lambert, shared that she saw a kingly anointing on him. I shared the story of David. No one saw the anointing on David’s life either, because he was different…but he was the anointed one. He shared how he had been ministered to for many years by speaker after speaker, with no impact, but that morning something landed inside in a way that he knew God was turning his life around that day. There was so much ministry that occurred in his life, every one of the team was greatly impacted. Several said, “I think he is the reason we came to Barranquilla…”
Our plan is to return likely in January or February 2019. My prayer is that we bring a team just as incredible as this one. Manuel Aponte Madrid thank you for opening the door through Revival Nations (a ministry with whom we will be partnering in Colombia as well as others). Thanks for all you did in setting up the most incredible places for us to release ministry. We will see much Kingdom together. Denise Lambert what an incredible job you did coordinating flights and team and Nancy Laflamme for your amazing blessing and help on this journey! You all, John Rotch, Armand Roberts, Dan & Sue Rondeau, Greg Senecal, Sue Gonzalez, Emily Michelle Flavell, and Rebekah and Abby Rotch … along with the amazing translators… we became family… and you truly have been “The Dream Team!” I would, and plan to, go anywhere in the world with you!
Let’s take this back to the USA and watch God take over a Nation… as we also continue to go throughout the whole world!! (See more opportunities to be a part of Teams to South Africa, Poland, Brazil etc. on our website
Thank you to each of you who helped the team come, and specifically to those of you who partner with Mountain Of Worship to facilitate us going to the Nations! Your gifts are greatly appreciated and you become a part of all we do as you give!
Love you all!
Thanks for praying for us.
Danny Steyne


205 Wildwood Avenue
Madison, MN 56256
Phone: 320-598-3094


Dear Friends,
God bless all of you! My time in Minnesota has been beneficial as I am being strengthened after a good, but challenging year of ministry in Mexico. I have been sharing in many of our supporting churches and God has opened some new churches for me to share in also. Thanks for your continued prayers!! Sylvia and Joshua are doing well in south Texas. Sylvia stays busy communicating with the pastors and ministers in Mexico as we continue to spread God’s Word through them as I am away.


I will be going back to south Texas the last week in July and the semi full of ministry supplies will be going down at approximately the same time. The semi – truck will be loaded with 10 pallets of literature, six pallets of rice, beans and oatmeal, quilts, toys, steel for roofs, clothes, housewares, a donated van and many other miscellaneous items. Please pray for the semi – truck to run well and for safety for the driver and his wife. Also, please pray for God to work out all the details to get all the literature distributed across the border and in to Mexico.


God used the shoeboxes (Joy Boxes) in an incredible way to bring people to Christ in Mexico. We also saw how the children and their parents saw God’s love for them through the Joy Boxes. Recently several churches expressed a desire to prepare shoeboxes for GCOM to allow us to continue to minister to children in this way. They will be preparing shoeboxes between now and the end of the year for us to use in Mexico for our children’s outreaches. If your church, youth group, Bible study or family would like to help GCOM in this way as well please contact us and we will give you more details regarding the Joy Boxes. Thanks for considering this project!!


GCOM is using our ministry printing press donated by a friend of the ministry to print 60,000 books of Luke and 60,000 flyers sharing information about the fulfillment of prophecies pointing to the possibility of Christ returning soon.

There is little teaching on this subject in the churches in Mexico and we are endeavoring to get this literature to the various areas where there is little or no Gospel to point people to the importance of their need for Christ. GCOM is also sending boxes of the books of Luke to pastors in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Please pray the printing and the distribution goes well and for great impact in Mexico and the other countries through this project.



Joshua will be a senior this upcoming year and so please pray for God to help him to do well in his last year of high school. Also, please pray for wisdom for him as he takes his ACT test and for us as we teach him. Also, for God to open the right door as to which college he should attend as he has decided he wants to get his college degree so he can go into the military as an officer. This was a great answer to prayer for us. Please continue to pray for God to order Joshua’s steps in every step he takes and every decision he makes.


Please also pray for Sylvia for wisdom, guidance and patience as she handles a lot of the administrative tasks of the ministry.

and does much of the coordinating for my Mexico trips. Also, pray for complete healing of her acid reflux.
Thanks for your partnership with Grace Christian Outreach Ministries as we reach the lost and make disciples in Mexico and around the world. Please consider becoming a monthly or committed supporter of GCOM if you are not already. Even $20 a month or $50 a quarter can make a difference. God bless all of you!!

Serving Christ,
Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl

Ministry Needs
A person, family or persons who have a heart to work with GCOM in developing new missionary bases in Mexico and central Mexico
Missionary groups to use their gifts and talents to advance the kingdom of God in Mexico
A painter to paint our ministry van
More churches to join in our “Joy box” shoebox project
Funds to finish a church building project in central Mexico – $3,000

Prayer Needs
Strength and rejuvenation to be at full strength to go back to Mexico the end of July
God’s favor on the semi- truck and the driver and his wife as they drive the ministry supplies to Laredo, TX and favor as we cross them into Mexico to be used by other ministries to spread God’s Word
For Joshua to do well in his last year of high school and for guidance as he looks into colleges
In Mexico there is much division among churches and ministries. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to bring unity to the Christian church in Mexico
For God’s blessing on the ministry board members and their families and on everyone working with GCOM around the world
For God to raise up new committed prayer supporters and financial supporters
For continued protection of all those who work with GCOM in Mexico and in different parts of the world

Chris & Larena Johnston – Missionaries to Galway, Ireland



Hi loved ones! June has come and gone now, and God seems to be
setting up some pretty interesting things for the future. Not only
do we have camp coming at the end of July which we are excited
about, but we also have had a few sparks of passion rekindled.
Chris is tirelessly working at getting the youth signed up
for camp. We are praying over all the leaders, and we have a team
planned to come from the States to help! We can’t wait to tell you
all about it next month! If you could please pray for the 5
individuals who are coming to help, that would be amazing.


Chris was recently invited to an ARC church planting
training in Navan. It was a really inspirational weekend. As you
all know, we have been praying for a while now about how we can
reach more people in Galway for Jesus, and the Lord is sparking
some hope and ideas in our hearts that we are very passionate
about. Some pretty cool connections happened this weekend.
Just a recap of the past 6 years, Chris and I came to work
in An Tobar Nua which is a Christian Cafe in Galway city. We were
there for almost a year when we realized that our heart was for
discipleship, and connecting youth to a church. This was not part
of the cafe’s vision, so we knew that we needed to take a step of
faith and leave that ministry. We weren’t even sure if the church
we were attending (GCF) would want or need us to work with their
youth. It was quickly revealed to us that GCF had been praying
specifically for a couple to come work with their youth for the past
2 years! So it was God who had put those pieces together. During
this transition, a couple named Paul and Priscilla Reed had taken
a team to GCF the same weekend we were seeking answers about
our future here. It was at this conference that we were given some
of the most impacting prophetic words that lined up with the exact
scriptures (and circumstances) the Lord had spoken to us about
our situation! It was amazing. I say all this, because this couple
just so happen to be the presidents of the ARC movement in
Ireland, and it seems as though God is weaving things together, bit
by bit. Please stand in prayer with us over what God is doing!

ANNUAL  Walkathon

This coming month, we have our annual Walkathon
with the youth to help them raise funds for camp. We have to find
a way to cover the costs of transportation, so we are praying for
those funds to come in.

Mams and Prams

Please be in prayer for this as well!
I have a mom’s group date on the calendar! The first
meeting is on Saturday, July 7th. The name is “Mams and Prams”.
I am hoping to use this as an outreach of sorts. I’ve also invited
the two mom’s we met last month at the first communion. Please
pray they come, and that we have a good turnout! We will meet at
a childrens’ indoor play ground near the church for a couple of

hours. I really hope to build a community with these mothers.
Thank you for praying for this as it blooms into reality!
Just today, I met with one of my girls that I’ve been
meeting with for about 5 years now. In the beginning, she was
taking heavy drugs, and drinking every weekend. She opened up
to me over time, (and it did take time)! But after a while, she
started sharing things, I started sharing God with her through
scripture and personal testimony. I also informed her
unashamedly that I would be praying that she would lose interest
in doing drugs and destructive things to herself. Within a year of
praying those things, she told me she had lost interest in doing
drugs and has had less interest in drinking too! I just smiled and
she looked at me and said in shock, “You told me you were going
to be praying that! Your prayers are being answered, stop praying
for me!” In return I just laughed and shook my head. I have
continued to pray for her to have a desire to connect with the Lord.
As we walked and talked today, she said to me, “I want to be more
spiritual, I want to believe, it’s just that God has never connected
with me ever, even when I was little and I asked Him to connect
with me.” She even shared that she went to the Christian camps
and was prayed over, learned all the Bible stories, went to church
every week and it was more like just learning and school to her.
Nothing connected. She said she even wanted to, but she never
experienced God’s presence. This grieved me, but excited me at
the same time, because it has given me something pointed to pray
about. I asked her if God showed up in her life in the future, would
she have a relationship with Him? Without hesitation, she said
yes. So please, please, please! Pray with me that the Lord will meet
her where she is, and give her an experience that only He can give
her, to draw her to Himself.

Finally, we are doing well! Anora is growing, and she is
starting to pull herself up and almost walk. She has been having
“conversations” with us in her own little language, and she is able
to call our one cat by name now! She did give us a scare this month
with the fear that she swallowed a stone, but she was fine in the
end. The hospital said that is a very common issue with little
ones…but usually it’s something much more dangerous. So thank
God, we are watching her like a hawk…she is very inquisitive!
We are so very thankful for all of ye, your love, your
support, your belief in us and your partnership! We are just in
awe of how this work is a team effort, and we have an A-Team
behind us! Thanking God for you today!! We will keep you posted
as God keeps moving!
All our love from Galway, Larena (Chris and Anora)

Prayer Requests
We would be honored
if you would pray with
us concerning:
Please pray for the youth
to get to camp this year,
for them to raise their
funds and for the bus costs
to get covered
Please pray for the team
coming from America to
help with camp this year,
provision, safe travels and
Please pray for the Mom’s
group to connect with
others from the
community for Christ.
Please pray for the young
lady’s salvaon, for the
Lord to connect with her in
a deep and meaningful
way, where she will have a
real relaonship with


If you would like to team
up & contribute to this
important mission, please
make checks out to:
Hope Ireland Missions
229 W. Exchange St.
Crete, IL 60417
(Chris & Larena Johnston
on the memo line)
Simply go to:
& click on “partner.”

Bishop Coulter: An Encouraging Word on CHANGE

Pastor Jerry Bowers: THIS Season we are in!


Pastor Jerry Bowers: Provision for Ministry


Dear Friends,

Let me tell you what is happening in Nicaragua and with our Ministry

More than 200 unarmed people have been killed in peaceful protests in the last 60 days. Many more than in Venezuela in 3 years.  An evangelical pastor and his family of 6 was just burned to death inside their home including two babies because they refused to let paramilitary use their home as high ground for a sniper attack.  All while the president drags his feet as he allegedly agrees to plans for peace and new elections in 2019.  He is reluctant to leave the presidency.

A glimmer of hope

Though there is nothing much on the US news and most Americans don’t even know what is going on in Nicaragua, the Washington Post and others are reporting now that Pence just announced that the USA is solidly against what is happening.  Today (6/20/2018), the U.S. Ambassador to the OEA arrived in Nicaragua to help with the peace talks.

Now, even the UN and EU are getting involved to condemn the killing of innocent people and what is going on in Nicaragua.

El Nuevo Diario and 100% Noticias can be found on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Masaya refuses to be controlled by the government of Ortega. Six more civilians have been killed their and many more injured. However, many police are leaving the police force there and in other towns so as not to be involved in harming civilians.

As Nicaragua struggles for freedom from oppression, our ministry continues to minister to the children

With this country in civil unrest it means we need more money to function.  Prices have gone up for everything because the supermarkets and markets are practically bare.  The road blocks haven’t allowed the trucks to get through.  And the attacks on the markets have caused most people to take down their stands.  Even the electricity and water have tripled.

We need your help more than ever!

 Most people right now have no income because they cannot get to work and that includes the people in our churches in Juigalpa and Diriamba.

In order to feed the children who attend our church we need staples like oil, vegetables, beverages and, when possible, chicken.   We still have the Manna packs but they are not really palatable cooked in water.

Ultimately, our people are looking to us for help.  Even our Pastors have no support.

For the past two months, Pastor Glenn and I have sent funds to our Pastor and his wife who were living in our house taking care of our daughter, Emmy.  This money also took care of him, his wife and our youth pastors living in Diriamba.  He and his wife finally were able to return to Juigalpa where their own daughter had a medical emergency and where his church needs him. 

Now, we have to send funds for household expenses and for a new person who is taking care of Emmy.  We have almost no food in our house in Jinotepe and we have ministry and personal bills to pay also.

We are currently in Florida and praying for an end to this violence and for us to be able to return.  Emmy is studying online since it is too dangerous for the schools in Jinotepe to reopen.  We pray she doesn’t run out of medication.  Right now she is sick with a bad cold and she isn’t getting very good nutrition.

We have two households to support plus our pastors and youth pastors.   We cannot do this alone.  We are living on Social Security and we cannot work due to health issues.  We need monthly support.

Our plan to sell our house in Nicaragua is on hold.  We know that God has His plans for us.  We must continue on until He releases us from Nicaragua.  No matter what, we are dedicated to continuing our ministry there and helping the wonderful, self-sacrificing people who are giving their lives to set their country free from tyranny.

Brothers and Sisters we urgently need your help!

We know that you care about Nicaragua, so would you please send help to:

PayPal account:  mateo516ministry@ or

Western Union or Moneygram to:  Lynne or Glenn Schweitzer. (You can call 772-597-4334 or Facebook us at:  Lynne Schweitzer)

Thank you for your prayers . 


Lynne and Glenn Schweitzer

Missionary Pastors

Chris & Larena Johnston – Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Another Amazing Month

Another amazing month has flown by! We have seen
God moving in mighty ways, even in the sadness that came with
Ireland choosing to allow abortion on demand into the country.
We were really praying and hoping that this would not happen,
but we know that God has a plan and turns everything around for
His good for those who love Him. If nothing else, this has really
shown the heart of this country, and the way it is going more and
more towards secularism. It has broken our hearts but has given
us a deeper passion to reach the lost and hurting in this nation.
The day after the referendum, I went to my friend

Carmel’s daughters first holy Communion. It was really amazing
to see how God was orchestrating all of this, because one of my
prayers has been to really get more acclimated to the Irish
traditions. Even though many of the Irish (sadly) are going away
from the Catholic faith, they still tend to bring up their children
to do the important things such as first communion and
confirmation, which is a beautiful thing.

Unexpected Opportunity

It was an honor and pleasure to be able to attend Ruby’s
first communion. Afterwards, another mother named Georgina
invited us back to her home for lunch. Georgina is an Irish woman
who lives about 45 minutes away from us, and has two young boys.
Carmel, her 4 girls, Chris, Anora, and I all decided to take her up
on the offer, and boy was I glad we did!

Not only was it a total
divine appointment, but this opportunity allowed for me to invite
Georgina and her friend to get more connected. We invited them
to church, and I also told them about the Mom’s group I am hoping
to set up. It was an amazing afternoon! Not only that, but Chris
was able to give his testimony to around 6 of them sitting around
the table. They were all sitting on the edge of their seat listening
and asking questions. Sadly, none of them attend a church, and all
of them believed in different things, but certainly not that Jesus is
the way, the truth and the life. We hope and pray that God will
open the doors for them to stay connected to us. Will you pray that
God will help us build a relationship with them, and lead them to
Jesus? We know your prayers are powerful!


Days prior to that, we had the Pulse Youth camp director
Sam, and his wife Sara and little girl Hazel-Grace down to speak
at Torch. It was an amazing night and the kids got a powerful
message about how to clothe themselves with the love of Christ.
We were delighted to spend the weekend with them and have the
two little girls hang out together. We look forward to this budding


Chris is gearing up for another camp meeting next
month, for planning and preparing. He is excited to be overseeing

the operations of the camp. He will be in charge of all operations,
including security, accommodation, catering, amenities, making
sure all programs run smoothly throughout the week, and over
many groups of leaders. I can’t wait to be able to be there with
Anora this year, it is going to be such an amazing camp this year!
Chris was also invited to a church planting conference.
Sam (the camp director) invited him, and offered to help him with
the costs of the 2-day conference. I would really like to attend with
Anora, and praying God will provide the funds to allow me to go
as well. We are still praying about the future of the church in
Galway, so this conference might really spark some ideas to pray
into and share with Galway Christian Fellowship.

A Great Honor

We are excited that we are invited to Sean Mullarky’s
home for dinner this upcoming month. He is the head of Christian
Churches Ireland (formally Assembly of God Ireland). Sean
invited us to come to Dublin to share in a meal and fellowship with
him and his family. This is a great honor again and we are so
excited to connect with them on a deeper level. These national
leadership opportunities are still such an honor to be a part of,
and we are wondering what God is doing. Only time will tell.
This week we are packing Torch in several cars and
heading to Limerick to a youth group who are hosting an event.
We hope this event will connect the youth, inspire them spiritually
and connect them as friends before camp this summer. Please
pray for safe travels, and that the Holy Spirit will really show up
and impact these youth.

Housing Concerns

We have not heard anything concerning our living
situation. We are hoping that we have more time in this home. We
are praying that maybe our landlady will change her mind and
continue renting this home to us. Either way, we are trusting the
Lord for His direction.

Thank you for standing with us and
covering this in prayer. We really love this home and it was a
major answer to all our prayers 3 years ago. We are praying for
a miracle to stay in it, but not our will, God’s be done.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that we will be
able to witness the love of
Jesus to everyone we
connect with
Please pray for the Lord to
open the doors for the
young mom’s group
Please pray for Pulse youth
camp and the plans going
into it
Please pray for our living
situaon, that God might
give us a miracle to
connue living in this house.


Thank you again for your love, your support, your
kindness in investing in this nation and her people. It’s more
evident than ever before how desperately we need to be praying
into a city center location, and praying over this city, this
nation, and her people.

Every single life that is changed for
Jesus, you have a part in as you stand with us spiritually, and

Thank you! We love you all so very much and
cherish our relationships with each and every one of you! Till
next month!


If you would like to team up & contribute to this
important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions
229 W. Exchange St.
Crete, IL 60417
(Chris & Larena Johnston
on the memo line)

Signing off from Galway,
~Larena (Chris and Anora

Report from Shirley Featsent, Dominican Republic

Hello and God Bless you all,

Gabriel and I are back from the states, it was a whirlwind trip, from a homeless child, sick family members, with both in hospital, my granddaughters wedding, and dealing with the 1st anniversary of Earls death, we had so many mixed emotions. Praise God, He’s with us all the way.

The school has closed for this year, will begin in September.  Teachers and administrator are preparing the report cards for all the students. They will be given out to parents in church on Sunday after service. We are praying for the decision that all high school children will be going to public school next year, these children are very intelligent and are ready and equipped to be mixed in Dominican schools.

The children had their end of the year party, with a spaghetti dinner, songs, and good times. We thank all the supporters for their donations and supports.
We are still looking for funding for the new school, and a piece of land for them to have recess on. I have a couple places in mind, but will update that on next letter.

Here are our prayer request…..

1. Funding for new school and playground.
2. Teams to come and share the Love of Jesus with these children.
3. Continue support for Gabriel and I for one more month, and for the supporters to continue their support with the school.
4. Adoption process

If you would like to support or donate for any of these requests, please send to T.M.C.I., P.O. BOX 1761, Columbia, S.C. 29202.  Please send message of which you would like to donate too.

May God give you the desires of your hearts.

Until next month, have a great day.

All for the Love of Jesus, Gabriel’s Outreach, (Gabriel and Shirley Featsent).


Shirley Featsent
100 Airport Ave.
Venice Fl. 34285
Phone # 829-639-0741
Missionary’s in LaVega, Dominican Republic