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Brochure coverWho We AreWhat is TMCI and what does TMCI do for members?

As a member/affiliate of TMCI (The Missionary Church International) you are not alone.

TMCI is here to pray for you, encourage you, and to advise you.

We take these privileges and responsibilities seriously. The TMCI staff prays daily for all of the TMCI family.

We also have over one hundred Prayer Warriors on our prayer team. When you share an urgent/time sensitive prayer request by phone or email, it is sent almost immediately to the prayer team.

All prayer requests included with the Monthly Reports are sent out as we receive them.

As a TMCI member, you are encouraged to email us information about your meetings. We then forward this information to other TMCI people in your area and post it on our Facebook page. You can find us on Facebook as TMCI: The Missionary Church International

The Benefits to you of your TMCI Credentials

Being part of the TMCI Family allows you to:
1.    Be recognized as an ordained minister      to preach the gospel worldwide.
2.    Conduct weddings and funerals and      serve the sacraments of the church.
3.    Issue a Tax deductible receipt to donors      as a registered 501(c)(3) [non-profit]      organization.
4.    Request sales tax exemption with your      county/state.
5.    Apply to become a Disaster Relief      Certified Chaplain.
6.    Apply to become a VA chaplain. (TMCI     is approved by the VA to endorse VA     Chaplains.)

TMCI Is An International Organization With A Missionary On Every Continent (except Antartica)

Presently we have forty missionaries with ministries in foreign countries. If you are interested in short term mission trips, let us know. We can connect you and/or your group with a TMCI missionary.

TMCI Has Hundreds Of Ministries In The United States.

Parachurch ministries comprise 80% of our ministries.

TMCI parachurch ministries include street ministries, food ministries, prison ministries, biker ministries, chaplains, Christian counselors, thrift stores, schools, and mercy/disaster relief ministries.

The other twenty percent of our ministries are churches of various kinds, house churches and traditional churches.

We are here to connect and help build the Kingdom with you, for the glory of God!
A leader of a major denomination said about TMCI:
“This is the closest thing to the New Testament church I have seen.”

We are a ministry that assists men and women in fulfilling God’s call by providing credentials and a spiritual covering.

We welcome believers in Jesus from many different denominations; our members include Baptists, United Methodists, Anglican, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Charismatic, and others.

Some may wonder, “How can this be?”

The answer is, “Because we have a common glue in our Lord Jesus Christ”.

We are a kingdom ministry: we do not care who gets the credit as long as the Kingdom of God is increased.
We invite you to join the hundreds of affiliated ‘Faith Based’ churches and ministries in the United States and in foreign countries who are making a difference for, and in, the Kingdom of God.

The Missionary Church International
P.O.Box 1761
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

Fax: 803.254.7446

E-mail: [email protected]


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    Thank you!

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