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The Lord has laid on our staff’s heart to start a ministry-tips and tools blog. It is our goal to publish two per month via email and video. We will keep the teaching between five and eight minutes. We will start with some basic teaching but would welcome suggestions of a subject or subjects you would find of interest. As part of the teaching, the staff will review the monthly reports to see if there are common issues that we may teach on. After you read or listen to the teaching, we would gladly welcome suggestions, observations, and feedback from you. We all must continue to learn so we are more than willing to receive information that will benefit us all.
Our Goal at TMCI is to help you fulfill the call that God has on your life, We pray that these teachings will help you as you carry out your ministry.


  1. As a new member to TMCI, I am glad to read the post on “Ministry Tips and Tools.” One area I would like to see (though it was partially touch on in the “Fundraising” blog) is Managing Ministry Finances. I do believe that we are to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Tithing, as mentioned in the above blog, is certainly God’s instructions of how to finance His work. As church leaders, it is our responsibility to teach the people of God how to be faithful stewards. In order for us to teach faithful stewardship, we have to demonstrate faithful stewardship. I believe helping young ministries in understanding budgets: how to establish a budget; budget variance reporting; forecasting and periodically reforecasting budgets to ensure you are staying within your means – will be great tools to aide ministries. I realize that we have to have a certain amount of faith in our budgets, but, we are to be good stewards. If a building we want cost X amount of dollars, but our budget says we have Y amount of dollars, we have to be careful to manage the finances of the church to ensure both faithfulness and security for the future.

    In Christ,
    Joe Moore

  2. Thank you for the vision. I am looking forward to participating.
    I would love for you to teach on : keys to Successful Secondary Leadership
    I believe I his would bless Pastors and their secondary leadership team.

    Thank you again!
    Dr, spearman

  3. I need to get more involved in the missionary vision. What is making it so hard right now is I have so much to do to just keep the ministry going in the right direction. I will work toward fixing that.

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