Dear Friends,

God bless all of you!

I recently got back from an incredible ministry trip to central Mexico where God touched many, many lives and many hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ! Thanks for praying for this ministry trip and for your donations to help us accomplish it. We never cease to be amazed at what God does to impact lives on these ministry trips! God is so good!

Prior to heading to central Mexico, I worked to get our ministry van fixed from various mechanical problems replacing the alternator, starter and IPR Valve and servicing the transmission and rear differential. On Feb. 7th David, Marty, Pedro and I headed out to San Luis Potosi, a city of over a million people eight hours from Nuevo Laredo. While there, we did four family outreaches. One was in a needy part of San Luis Potosi and three were in rural villages 45 minutes to an hour and a half from San Luis. An outreach in San Juan with many people coming to hear about Jesus. Praise God!

Our second outreach was in a village where we had ministered in December. When we ministered there in December this was the first public service that had ever been in this village and we were able to use a huge community center for the outreach. We ministered to 150 people and over 40 people came to Christ. When we ministered there this time, we were happy to see that a church had been started from the Dec. outreach, they were still able to use the large community center for the service and there was one hundred people at the service. Many of these people were new people and many of them gave their lives to the Lord while some of them were people who had been faithfully attending the weekly services. Please pray that this church continues to grow and that the people become strong disciples of Jesus Christ!

Our third and fourth outreaches were both in villages where there was no church. 300 people attended these two outreaches and over 220 people prayed to give their lives to Christ. One of the outreaches was in a barn that was loaned for the outreach and another was in a garage. It is so exciting to be a part of bringing the Gospel to unreached villages and we are working with a large church in San Luis to put churches in these villages. Please pray for God to send the right person or persons to pastor in these villages.
We also had a pastor’s conference in the rural villages and shared ways that GCOM could help their ministries. Eight pastors attended and all of them received a large amount of literature: End times flyers, booklets, books of John, New Testaments, tracts and Bibles. In these rural villages there is very little access to literature and so they were really blessed! Through these pastors distributing the literature, God’s Word will spread throughout many more unreached villages! Several churches are interested in starting video Bible Colleges and we are looking to help several churches with doors and windows for their church construction projects.

From San Luis Potosi we headed two hours down the road to San Juan. San Juan has festivals in February and August where 8 million + people fill the streets and ask false gods to bless their city. We distributed many thousands of books of Romans and Gospel tracts throughout the city. We also did a family outreach where 20 people of all ages came forward to put their trust in Christ.

Our last stop was the city of Guadalajara where we again did a pastor’s conference which twelve pastors attended and again all of them received several boxes of literature, a water purification kit, reading glasses if needed and we discussed ways we could work together to spread the Gospel in Mexico’s 2nd largest city.

We also ministered at a rehab center where 60 people gave their lives to Christ and where God ministered powerfully to each person as we prayed over them. I was also given the chance to visit a pastor whose husband was killed several months ago by his nephew over an inheritance. Though still grieving, she and her son and daughter- in- law are continuing with the church. This church building has no roof just thin fabric attempting to keep out the elements. We would like to help them put a roof on the church and help them with financial support as God allows.

Our last outreach was near the largest lake in Latin America, Lago Chapala. At this outreach we ministered to close to a hundred people and saw forty people put their trust in Christ. Thanks for your prayers for this ministry trip! God touched so many lives for His glory! We are needing to repair the front wheel bearings and u- joints on our ministry van before the next trip to the mountains of San Luis Potosi in central Mexico. The cost for these repairs will be approximately $1000 if you would like to donate towards this repair. This trip will again be to a very unreached area where very few people have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray for God to do mighty things on this upcoming trip which will be in mid- March. Thanks for your partnership in spreading the Gospel in Mexico and around the world! None of this would be possible without you! May God bless you and your family in a mighty way in every area of your lives!

Serving Christ,

Rev. Kevin Rosendahl

Ministry Needs – We are in need of a forklift to use to unload ministry supplies at our warehouse in Laredo, TX

– The ministry that prints the majority of our Gospel literature is also in need of a forklift to load and unload literature

– For repair of the van bearings and u -joints on our ministry van (cost -$1000 )

Prayer Needs

-For safe travels and the van to run well on the ministry trip

– For God to prepare the hearts of the people in the mountains of San Luis Potosi to receive Christ and the Gospel as we share the Gospel there in March

– For the church that recently started in the village near San Luis to grow rapidly and to bring many people to the Lord

– For God to send or raise up the right pastor to pastor those who came to Christ in the unreached villages this last trip

– For abundant finances to do all that God has called us to do in the ministry – For the Lord’s protection as we minister in Mexico

– For God to guide Joshua clearly as he helps the ministry in the area of technology and in regards to his schooling.

– For good health for all of us

– For God’s help in getting the ministry registered in Mexico legally as a “Religious Association”

– For God to bless all the ministries that are affiliated with GCOM in Mexico and other parts of the world

– For the Mafia to come to Christ and for the drug and human trafficking to be stopped

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