Jan 28

Friday TMCI Interview with Rachel Jones: Hearing From God and Operating Outside of the 4 walls of the Church

Jan 25

Tuesday Encouragement: Special Announcement by Bishop Mitchell Martinez!

Jan 21

Friday TMCI TV Special: In honor of Bishop Bob Coulter, one of his most powerful encouragements – Pressing Forward!

Jan 18

Tuesday Encouragement (Throwback) With Bishop Bob: Be Still

Jan 14

Kevin and Sylvia Rosendahl Missions Updated

Dear Friends,

For most of us 2021 has been an incredibly challenging year in
so many ways. Having personally done ministry for thirty years
in very spiritually difficult areas and as a family having
ministered in Mexico for eighteen years we are used to going
through spiritual attacks and adversity as we spread the Gospel
wherever God sends us. 2021 and 2020 have been full of one
trial after another as we continue to reach lost souls for Christ
and train leaders in Mexico and around the world. Sylvia’s CSF
leak and subsequent surgery has been the culmination. There
were many times when I wondered if Sylvia was going to make it
through the terrible ordeal. Through it all, especially in the most
challenging times, we have sensed God’s presence in a mighty
way, and He has been faithful to bring us through it all. Thanks
for all your faithful prayers for us, for helping us with the
medical bills and for the encouraging words!

When Sylvia went to the Mayo Clinic, she was at a level of
health of 10 -15%. Since the surgery at the Mayo Clinic her
health level has increased to 65 – 70%. We thank God for the
significant improvement she has made since her surgery. She
can help the ministry again, to a certain extent, but still tires
easily from being bedridden for the greater part of eight
months. Although Sylvia is much improved, she still has severe
headaches that come and go, a continual ringing in her ears,
frequent headrushes and a numbness in her face and neck.
Recently, Sylvia had an MRI in Texas and the neurosurgeon told
Sylvia that the fluid and blood on her brain is gone except the
top of her brain where she has some fluid but the blood is gone.
The doctors in Mayo think that Sylvia may have a small leak in
another part of her spine into her brain or, because the previous
leak that she had was so big, there is a small leak still coming
from the previous large leak. The surgeon who did the surgery
on Sylvia said that her CSF leak was the biggest leak that he had
ever seen. Please pray for God to miraculously heal Sylvia before
her scheduled appointment on January 24th. If we need to go to
the Mayo Clinic appointment, we ask you to pray for God to give
the doctor’s wisdom and that Sylvia would leave the hospital
with the leak 100 % fixed and healed and that every symptom
would be gone. We so appreciate your prayers!

Here we are sharing God’s Word at an Outreach in Acuna. Many people came
to know the Lord as their Savior during the Outreaches.
An outreach in a very poor area. The children were open to the gospel
message and they loved their Blessing Bags!

Our Christmas outreaches went incredibly well although we
had to make some unexpected, last-minute changes due to
circumstances. Our plans were to go to the mountains of San
Luis Potosi, 12 hours into Mexico, to do the Christmas
outreaches. However, the van we were going to drive suddenly
would not start the day before we were to leave. Although we
immediately got the van into the mechanic, and he replaced the
battery and IRP sensor the van still would not start. Two days
had already gone by, time seemed to be fleeing and so we made
the decision that we would minister a little closer to the border
in the city of Acuna, Mexico, across the bridge from Del Rio,

Pastor Jesus Garcia, who we are working with in starting video
Bible Colleges in Mexico, coordinated most of the Christmas
outreaches in Acuna. In all, we did ten outreaches in Acuna and
two in Nuevo Laredo. We ministered to approximately seven
hundred people in Acuna and approximately 250 people in
Nuevo Laredo. Over 400 people of all ages prayed to make Jesus
their Lord and Savior. Please pray that all these new believers
get involved in a local church and grow strong in their faith.
Pastors and church leaders will be reaching out to these people
to help them grow in their faith and to become a part of the
church. After each outreach anyone who was able to read and
wanted a Bible received one along with a Gospel tract explaining
salvation. This was followed by parents receiving a quilt or
blanket for their family and being able to take clothes for their
family. Each child also received a nice Joy Box or Blessing Bag for
a Christmas gift. We had an incredible team working together on
these outreaches. Marty came from Florida and as always
trained the kids to perform a powerful drama, preached God’s
Word and filled in so many other needy areas. Susan came from
North Carolina and besides leading the songs during the
outreaches she also shared God’s plan of salvation, through
making bracelets, using colored beads depicting various aspects
of salvation. Sheila from Rochester helped fill in the gaps where
needed at each outreach and David Wold did five different
Pastor and Leadership Conferences at churches between Acuna
and Nuevo Laredo.

We are honored to pray for people who are sick. Our God is faithful!

Thanks for your prayers for God to impact lives during the
Christmas outreaches and for your part in supplying ministry
supplies for all these outreaches. The kids sure loved their Joy
Boxes and Blessing Bags, and the blankets are such a blessing
during the chilly winter days in Mexico. Many of our outreaches
were in neighborhoods where families live in pallet houses where
cold air blows through the holes in the walls making for very frigid
days and nights.
In January, if all goes as planned, I will be going to Obregon,
Sonora to do a Bible College graduation, to do children’s
outreaches and literature distribution and to buy the materials to
complete a church building for a church among the Yaqui Indians
in Vicam, Sonora. This is in the area where Sylvia’s grandma, on
her mom’s side, grew up and lived for most of her life.
Thanks for your partnership with GCOM. We all do our part and
God is glorified, souls are saved, disciples are made, and pastors
are trained! Praying that you and your family all have a blessed
2022 and that God uses you in a mighty way to impact lives for
Christ this upcoming year!!

In Christ’s Love,
Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl

Jan 12

Friday TMCI TV Interview with Bishop Roger Weaver: God Moving Through His House of Columbia – Men’s Alcohol Rehab Ministry

Jan 11

Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Bawa: Believing Believers

Jan 08

Eagles Rest International Ministries Update Doug and Jill Nelson in Thailand

Recap of 2021

The year 2021 was a year of challenges in Thailand (as it was for all of us), but it was also a year of progress. Covid shut-downs and mandates may occasionally have slowed activities down, they also created opportunities to minister to the hurting and needy. Mekong Bible Training Center and Lighthouse Church were able to reach out with food and supply assistance, as well as the Gospel, to people in their neighborhoods and across the border in war-torn Myanmar. Bible classes, Bible studies, and prayer meetings continued despite needing to be online at times. New believers came to the Lord and were baptized in the new baptismal tank on the Training Center property. Christmas was celebrated with church parties and outreaches to neighboring villages. Also, great progress was made on the construction of the main conference building. See the pictures below representing all of these activities. Eagles Rest International Ministries was involved in all of this through financial contributions, consultation, and administrative services like bookkeeping and letter-writing.

In spite of Covid restrictions and the war in Myanmar, the church of God in Thailand and surrounding countries is growing. Praise be to God!

On personal notes for Pastor ChiChang, director of MBTC, and his family, they welcomed a new baby daughter into their household at the end of November. See the picture below. Also, their oldest daughter continues to do outstanding work in her higher education studies toward becoming a missionary doctor. ERIM is financially supporting her schooling. 

Doug and Jill have not yet returned to Thailand due to Covid issues, but we have been busy on the homefront in the U.S. with Bible studies, prayer meetings, and working toward establishing a viable home church modeled on the Book of Acts template. Also, at the end of the summer, Jill received her Master of Divinity degree from Regent University.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. We could do none of these things without you! God bless you throughout the New Year!

Looking Forward to 2022

In 2022, ERIM looks forward to continuing to support the work in Thailand as we have been doing with the potential for a return to boots-on-the-ground there at some point during the year. As much as we love being home with our biological family and U.S. friends, we miss our dear friends and spiritually adopted family in Thailand and would love to hug them in person. 

Also, Men at Rest (MAR), the men’s Bible study sponsored by ERIM, will continue to meet Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. at the Riverside Town Hall in Dawson, MN. All men are welcome to dig into God’s Word together in a highly interactive and mutually supportive atmosphere. Ecumenical prayer will continue the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. with rotating churches hosting.  

Again, a heartfelt thank you for your prayers and financial support as we continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach out to people at home and abroad in His name. 

Jan 07

Friday TMCI TV Interview with Bishop Mitch and Debbie Martinez: God Moving in the DR

Jan 05

Rick, Maricruz and Danny Szymanski Update

Happy New Year !!!!
I like starting off a new year with good news. I would like to thank everyone who helped us with our Christmas outreach. The Outreach was just great this year. We bought hundreds of pounds of candy for the kids. We were so excited going to the stores and picking out the best candy. We got the candy home and disinfected the bags. Danny and I sat at a table with hundreds of empty bags that needed to be filled with all that candy we purchased. We spent hours stuffing those bags. That’s quality Father Son time.

We then went shopping for the widows care boxes. The boxes were bigger and fuller than ever before. When we drove out to the jungles we delivered the boxes to each of the widows huts. We had fun ministering to the widows in their huts. One of the widows has been suffering with sever diabetes and kidney problems. She had been in bed for 7 weeks. The doctors had just removed part of her foot. Her sister had a dream the night before that God would heal here. When we prayed for her she got so excited she jumped out of bed jumping up and down yelling I’m healed. God is so good to us all.
We went to the church in Santa Cruz where we invited all the children of the village to come and get candy. We had a great time singing songs, talking about the birth of Jesus and praying for all the children. I always have so much fun playing with the children there. It was so funny to see all these children running around with their mouths full of candy. For most of the children this candy will be the only gift they get for Christmas.

When we finished ministering to the children we drove to the town of Xcan. When we entered the main street we meet a group of teenagers doing a posada. We stopped and talked to them about the meaning of Christmas. We prayed with 43 of the teenagers to receive Jesus in their lives. After we prayed for them we gave everyone in the group a bag of candy. We then drove around giving candy to children until it was all gone, We then Stopped and gave care boxes to a couple more widows.
It was a fun day for us. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible.

With much love Rick, Maricruz and Daniel

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