Oct 20

Update from Tim and Trena Johnson, Dominican Republic

Volume 40 Issue 1 October, 2020
Called to Serve… His Command… Our Mission Missionaries / Evangelist Tim & Trena Johnson Serving full time, Casa Grande in Santiago, Dominican Republic
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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN FULL-TIME MINISTRY JUNE 28, 1980 – 2020 and continuing.
Visiting short-term mission teams, COVID-19 Food Distributions, Church #26 Roof Completed and 21,000 Gospel Tracts printed. We’ve been busy about the Father’s business in spite of lock-down and curfew.
Visiting Teams and Outreaches
The Good News of salvation in Jesus was shared with Dominicans in Schools (shown here), Churches, a Rehab Center, Parks, Street Corners and Homes, using testimonies, dramas, puppets and preaching. Many responded. Visitors are housed here at Casa Grande. Meals served family style as we live and minister together. (Several teams postponed for COVID-19).
COVID-19 Food Distributions, over 1,000 families blessed.
Rice, Beans, Oil, Tomato Paste bless a needy family. Pastor takes food for congregation & community.
Building Churches: In spite of the “pandemic lock-down” our son Darren, completed the trusses for church build #26. They were placed as soon as we were allowed to go out again. Currently two more churches are in progress and two additional in planning and preparation stages. We do not pastor these churches but evangelize, encourage and assist the pastors in fulfilling the vision God has placed in their hearts. When we arrived in the D.R. 25 years ago, more than 5,000 villages and towns had no evangelical (protestant) church. Praise God that number is diminishing.
Visiting Teams Minister in Drama
Earlier in 2020 we hosted several short-term mission teams. We had wonderful times of ministry and fellowship. We hope to be able to host teams again – soon. Contact us if you are interested in coming and bringing a group in 2021.
New Contact Information
Trena: Cell & WhatsApp 1-829-881-7710 johnsonfamilydr@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/trenajohnson5 Tim: Cell & WhatsApp 1-829-718-6266 www.facebook.com/timjohnson5 www.CasaGrandeDR.org No Tax Deduction needed: Use “Zelle” from your bank with our e-mail. OR use “Bill Pay” or a check from your bank using our Mail Carrier Address. Payable to: Tim Johnson. DONATE: PayPal non-tax-deductible
Mail Carrier Address: (For mail & packages, delivered weekly) Tim & Trena Johnson Agape Flights SGO-12330 100 Airport Ave E Venice, FL 34285-3901 USA DONATE ONLINE: Tax-Deductible 1.Create your donation profile. 2.Then from the “donation designation” menu select: “Johnsons, Tim & Trena 3.You may give using Credit Card, ACH or PayPay, one time or monthly.
Mailing Address for Tax-Deductible Donations: Tim & Trena Johnson C/O The Missionary Church International P. O. Box 1761 Columbia SC 29202 USA Check must be payable to: “TMCI”. Add a note stating: “For Tim & Trena Johnson”.
Thanks so much for your love, prayers and support! We are laborers together in the Master’s harvest and we are so grateful for your partnership. May God richly bless you.

Oct 20

Persistent Prayer: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter

Oct 15

Encouragement from Bishop Coulter: Be Strong!

Oct 14

Word from the Lord, Arlene Reitz

In faith, I am including a Word from the Lord I received in May and then in June. I believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to share it at this appointed time. I pray you will receive it as it is intended, from God’s heart, and most humbly, mine.

The Lord has given me firm instructions to guard both the written and the spoken prophetic words that He gives me and to wait on Him to clarify to whom I may share and when. (I did delete some of the more personal words to me.)

May 13 2020 Word of the Lord “Be still and know that I am your God!”

“In quiet confidence comes your strength. ( Isaiah 30) I am your Redeemer. I redeem your time. Your timing is in My Hands. I have a plan and it’s a good one. I will continually bless you that you might bless others. I called you! I equip you! I will work it all out. Go down your list and check things off as I resolve the issues. Do not fret. Rest and trust in Me. My strength is perfected in your weakness”.

“Pause! It’s a good thing to Pause.

Let My thoughts be yours. See into the Spirit. Let My sight be yours. My light shines on the path of the righteous, seeking My Will to do things My Way.

Pray for My son, Donald.

Many are against him, but there are many more that are for him. I chose him. Hand-picked by me. I see his heart. He’s a warrior! He’s surrounded by warriors. He is learning. He’s a quick learner. He’s not eloquent in speaking but neither was My Son Moses. He will lead my people out of Egypt’s life style.Just watch! My hand is upon him. He will do many righteous acts in My Name and bring Me Glory. Leaders around the world are watching him. They have mocked him, but that was before they recognized him as the leader to fear. Those who mock him are fools, for in mocking him, they mock me. Big mistake. They mock those who belong to me. Big mistake. They are killing My Children. That’s the worst mistake! It’s pure evil. They will reap what they have sown. There will be a harvest!

June 23, 2020 Word of the Lord – Pause here and wait

“Arlene, My daughter. Pause here and wait. I desire to talk to you. I am stirring things in your heart. That’s me causing you some unrest, causing you to be thinking about certain things…. You are seeing some of it as you pray. You are getting some of it as you go about your daily routine. You are making your lists. You are rethinking many of the plans you had before. You are getting prepared.

All of this is good, but only as long as you wait before me for the final instructions. There will be some editing, adapting, and changing of minds and hearts to get you and others involved aligned with me. Remember that word, “alignment“-I gave it to you in the beginning of the year. You need to go back and look at the list of words I gave you to study. They are happening!”

“My body, the church, is out of alignment. It is being shaken to its foundation. That’s a fact. It’s happening. All that will remain standing under the pressure of the shaking will be that which is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. My Son is the Cornerstone! Anything that’s not built on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, My Son, the Anointed One, will not stand the pressure. I am power washing my vessels. I desire honorable vessels that I can fill with my Spirit. My Spirit is Holy. My Spirit cannot stay in vessels that are filled with other spirits and unholy desires and ideas that come from man and man’s prideful desire to succeed and be lifted high above, looking down on others in disdain and mockery.

There is a purifying going on that needs to take place to wash out the dross of the world’s system, that’s both political and dramatical arenas for popularity and fame. They think they know it all, and know so little because they do not know me and in the end, I will say “I do not know you.” And I will turn them away.

I long for a people who long for Me.

I long for a people who will search for Me, seeking Me first above all else. Those whom seek Me, find Me. For I am here, always ready and near to receive those with repentant hearts and humble ways. Those who will put me first and learn of me. Too much has been for show and drama. Too much has been like bright flashing lights that dim too quickly because they are not the True Light. Too much has been for the wrong motives and done in the wrong way. Too little has been for Me. Too much has been lifting up man, and too little of Me. I am looking, seeking, yearning for those who will worship in Spirit and in Truth. Humble hearts lifted toward a Heavenly Presence will find Me in Heavenly Places.

I will lift them up when they lift up others. I will tear down those who tear down others. I will scorn those who scorn those whom I have chosen.

I am the Potter. Man is the clay. Why do you then question your Creator? Why do you destroy that which I have built up? Why are you so foolish? I will tell you why because you don’t really know Me? And you are not seeking to know Me. You prefer to seek your own way and lift up your own will. That’s what I have to say to My Church. That’s what I have to say to those who are playing at church. That’s what I have to say to those who choose to destroy My Church. You are fools! You will pay the price of a fool. I extend My mercy and My grace to you. My love is unconditional, but you must come to Me. Repent and know Me as the Living God of Love and Forgiveness. It must be a genuine repentance, a changing of heart, a soul that’s surrendered and renewed by the Blood of the Lamb. That is the only way.


Yes, I am shaking My church. I am shaking the world system. I am shaking all governments. I am shaking everything that can be shaken because I can. I am the Almighty God and I am throwing down the gauntlet. I am throwing up the Walls of Fire to burn out the false offerings and soiled sacrifices. Only in Christ! All else is futile and fallen.

But my arm is not too short that I cannot reach down and save those who are reaching up toward me. I know those who belong to me—Standing on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ. He is the Hope of Glory. He is the only Hope for a generation that appears to be hopeless. But I am a Father God, who never quits and I am El Shaddai. I am the Almighty God and I am able to save. Come and drink of the Living Water! Come unto Me!”

God bless you and keep you safe in these troublesome times as you look to Him and trust Him to be with you each step of the way.

Now may the God who brought us peace by raising from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ so that he would be the Great Shepherd of his flock: and by the power of the blood of the eternal covenant, may he work perfection into every part of you, giving you all that you need to fulfill your destiny. And may he express through you all that is excellent and pleasing to him through life-union with Jesus the Anointed One who is to receive all glory forever” Amen! Hebrews 13:20-22… may God’s wonderful grace be poured out you all! Amen (Hebrews 13:15)

Oct 14



Arlene J. Reitz, Founder and Administrator, Guatemala arlenereitz7@gmail.com

2020 The Path of Promises, Many fulfilled, Others up-and-coming!

Greetings from Guatemala!

Out of the abundance of my heart, I give glory and honor to my Lord Jesus for His strengthening grace. In the midst of unusual circumstances and unprecedented uncertainties, I am able to decree without a doubt and with utmost sincerity that it is well with my soul—God’s mercies are new every morning and His love never fails.

Psalm 18:30 What a God you are! Your path for me has been perfect! All your promises have proven true. What a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in you! You are the wrap-around God giving grace to me.

This year has been challenging for all of us. There is a shaking and a shifting still going on around the World but we can as Christians stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Though there have been many changes and many more are coming, we have the comforting revelation that’s God’s Word will always remain our faithful compass, steady and true.

Thank you Lord that Your word is the lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Psalm 109:105

You will keep us in perfect peace when our minds and hearts are stayed on You because we trust in You. Isaiah 26:3

This is a crucial time! That is clear! A web of uncertainty because of the unknown has been thrown over the minds of many. Confusion and chaos are the results of lack of trust.

Questions abound. Who has the answers? Who can I trust? Where do I go from here? The Word of the Lord tells us that we are to seek Him first and not to worry.

Matthew 6:33-34, The Passion Translation “So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly. Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time.Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

“You are moving from one season to the next-don’t back up-keep moving on, you will be crossing over to the other side of this.”That’s what the Lord spoke to me in the Spring when Guatemala experienced a total lock-down from the Pandemic, and I became house bound. Moving on didn’t seem like much of an option. So I had questions.You probably have had them too—such as What? When? How?

Did the Lord answer me?

Yes and no! Depends on your perspective of things and knowing from experience that He doesn’t tell us everything and when He does it’s on His Time Clock, not ours. Only God knows the times and timing of things. He is the Creator of time.

It is written in the book of Acts that when the disciples questioned Jesus, He answered,“The Father is the one who sets the fixed dates and the times of their fulfillment. You are not permitted to know the timing of all that he has prepared by his own authority.”

Many things in the natural have either been put on hold, changed or cancelled completely. We have had to trust Him, believe His Word and make His Promises personal. Praising Him in the midst of the Pandemic has been the strengthening force that has kept me focusing on the future. Not looking back and wishing for things that were not to be, but instead pressing on with hope that only comes from having Jesus living in my heart. He is the Anchor to my soul-my sustaining grace. I have been sheltering in place, positioned under the shadow of His Wings-and doing what the Word of God says to do.Waiting-Trusting-Believing in Him!

“Those who wait for Yahweh’s grace will experience divine strength.They will rise up on soaring wings and fly like eagles, run their race without growing weary, and walk through life without giving up.”Isaiah 40:31 TPT

And so by our calendar we have moved from one season to the next-Summer is gone and Autumn has arrived-—my favorite time of the year to be Stateside and yet, here I am in Guatemala, still waiting. It’s been two years since I’ve been home in Pennsylvania. Am I sad, not really, because I trust Him to work it all out according to His Word.

Romans 8:28 TPT “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.”

God is always working, even when we can’t see Him. Things are beginning to open up in Guatemala. We can move about a little more freely. The Airport opened up September 18th. A good missionary friend returned that day on American Airlines -one of the first planes permitted into the country. They still have some restrictions, but I have good news.

My daughter, Donna’s flight was cancelled in May and we were disappointed but now she is able to come in November and that’s when I actually need her help the most.

Decreeing by faith more freedom to minister!

Here are the dates:

Donna’s Missionary Trip November 22-Dec 7th. We will do our Christmas Food Distribution in Fountain of Grace Church, Xecam, Cantel on November 29th. We are doing bags of groceries this year instead of baskets, cutting out the cost of the baskets to buy larger quantities of food.

Our Ladies Tea will be December 2nd. We will be blessing the women and children at the Tea with Gift bags of Goodies. It is a special blessing that my daughter is coming to help with all the Christmas Activities.

I appreciate prayers for her safe trip, finances to cover all expenses for the Christmas activities, especially the food distribution, women and children’s ministry.









“Let giving flow from your heart, not from a sense of religious duty. Let it spring up freely from the joy of giving—all because God loves hilarious generosity![Yes, God is more than ready to overwhelm you with every form of grace, so that you will have more than enough of everything[e]—every moment and in every way. He will make you overflow with abundance in every good thing you do.Just as the Scriptures say about the one who trusts in him.”2 Co 9:7-8 TPT

Please send monthly support as usual to:

Bridges of Grace Ministries

C/O Donna Yonish,

134 South Washington Avenue,

Greensburg, PA 15601

Special offerings to same above address:

Designate your offering on check line

BOG for Bags of Groceries

WATW for the Women and Children

FOG for Church Construction

Donna for Mission Trip

Thank you for taking time to read this and for praying, participating and partnering with Bridges of Grace Ministry as we serve the Lord together in His Mission Field here in Guatemala.

More news of changes and blessings coming soon as we press on as the Lord leads…don’t forget to pray and vote…mine is on the way!

Choose wisely. Freedom for our Faith,

Christianity & Life is on the line!

Oct 06

Team Seasoned Heart-October Newsletter

TSH October 2020 Newsletter

Wycliffe loan business

Greetings from my home stateside. I passed through many southern states and loved the seafood, key lime pie, bourbon pecan pie to list a few. Hilton Head was so refreshing-running hot water, a pool, the ocean, and a washer. Thelma our dear host has been to Kenya three times with me. We stayed in homes of bishop, admin., and a radical intercessor. We were with royalty. My dear faithful friend, Val was my driver and sweet companion. I am favored.

Thank you for those who caught the vision of setting our students up in business to transfer wealth. There is a donate button for student endeavors. Wycliffe continues to prosper in business and beyond generous in his giving.  Erick reports daily intake for the cybercafe. Schools are to open this month and that will boost his business. Lotin, my Kiswahili teacher, is ready to launch his farm business.  His bio, proposal, and budget available on request. I sent a seed for him to begin with. Our two new students whose education was interrupted by Covid are building a kitchen garden in the compound and a waist high table for laundry days. Save the backs of people!! Dan reports they are doing so well.

I continue to share the vision for our work in Kenya. I know when I return, we are widening our training and travel to lift and release leaders at governmental and nation changing levels. Even now we are battling for their lives and the lives of the nations. Fear not! God is on our side and giving us strategies in the midst.

Working on raising up a team for our conference in November. Also pray for others to catch vision and come up next to us. Eventually I want to bring students here to minister. I love the passion and faith of these youth.

Please check out our website www.tshkenya.org or email us teamshministry@gmail.com. Pray.

We have updates weekly. Contact to be part  Grace Plaster grace.lanae@gmail.com.  You can donate on website or see what our projects are.

Mailing address TSH PO Box 481 Harleysville, PA 19438.

Also registered for Amazon Smile                         

Oct 05

Chris and Larena Johnston-Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

Greetings from Galway loved ones!


What a nerve-racking month this has been for us. Shortly after publicly announcing our plans to step out in faith and pursue a church plant in Galway City, we got hit with the worst attack possible. Anora came down with a disease called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), caused by a harmful strand of the E. coli bacteria.

What happens with HUS is that the toxins from E. coli begin to destroy blood platelets (cells involved in clotting), reduces the red blood cell count (anemia), and leads to kidney failure due to damage to the very small blood vessels of the kidneys.

When she first began to have diarrhea and vomiting, we didn’t realize it was as serious as it actually was,. We thought maybe she had food poisoning at first. Then, we thought maybe it was a bug that came and went because she got better for a few days. But, on the evening of the 10th (Larena’s Birthday), Anora started to become lethargic. Now, at first we thought maybe she was weak due to not being able to keep much food and liquid down the day before, but when the next morning came around and there was no improvement, something told me this was serious.

We ended up taking her into the Emergency Room on the 11th. Due to Covid regulations, only one of us could stay with Anora, so Larena stayed in the ER with her for hours. It was the worst wait ever. I got an update text here and there, but when they said they were admitting her to the hospital, I was able to come in with things they would need overnight.

It was late, they let me in after some negotiation, and let me tell you – the sinking feeling I got when I approached and saw poor little Anora lying there with tubes attached – and I heard the words “kidney failure…” I had a moment of complete shock and disbelief. Could this be it? Is this all the time we’re given with her? You can imagine the emotional turmoil. That night I went home alone, grabbed the shepherds staff I had used to search for Eowyn when she was gone for 5 days, put on some worship music, and got on my knees to cry out to God.

I had a song in mind, Michael W. Smith’s version of “Surrounded.” I decided to put on the Kari Jobe version instead, and I began to pour my heart out, weeping uncontrollably, and worshipping God through it all. A surprising significance about the Kari Jobe version was that it transitioned into a bridge: “Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide, let me hide, let me hide myself in thee, this is how I fight my battles… It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by you. This is how I fight my battles.” That first line there – Rock of Ages, cleft for me… It took me back to the last battle we faced, when Eowyn went missing.

God had used that near tragedy to speak a few things to our hearts regarding our identity, our mission, and His heart for Galway. Eowyn was found in what was similar to a cleft in a giant rock, so it kept impressing on my heart to read Exodus 33. This verse talks about the cleft of the rock, being in God’s presence, and God sending Moses to the promised land with a promise to be with him through it.

I took it as a promise to us in this season we find ourselves in. God wants us to see the parallel. Moses asks God “who will go with me?” God’s reply to him is the same as His reply to me, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Nothing else matters, except that God’s presence is with us in this step of faith we’re taking to plant a church in Galway.

Season of Battles, not Barbecues

It was prophesied years ago that a tidal wave was coming and we would enter a season of “battles not barbecues.” We are in this season now. I thank God that His presence is with us through these battles, because I have no idea how anyone could face seeing their 3 year old daughter suffer without knowing the comfort of our loving God. Anora received a blood transfusion after that first night. Thankfully it went well, and she began to respond. Little by little she began to recover. Each day that went by was an improvement. The blood in her urine was decreasing each day. Her hemoglobin numbers began to stabilize at a good level. Her kidney functions began to normalize.

Thank God she was beginning to get her energy back and return to her normal self. Finally, after 6 days of alternating nights in the Hospital, Larena and I were able to bring Anora home!

They instructed us to watch her, test her urine, bring her in once a week for blood tests, etc. I’m happy to report that just yesterday we got results on her most recent bloodwork. She’s back to normal! Praise God!

We’re praying that there’s no side effects from this. Thankfully we caught it early enough, Anora is generally healthy, and also Larena (having been led by the Holy Spirit) originally asked the doctors if it could be a parasite or something like that. They told her later that had she not said that, they would’ve been testing Anora for a while and might not have figured out what was wrong for some time.

Well, God is good. He gave us a peace. He saw us through a difficult time. Now we’re looking forward to the birth of our son.


We had our farewell service at GCF. We’re moving forward on church plant planning. I’m so excited to have been asked to help with some of the production for Lighthouse Church’s Sunday service broadcast.

Can I just say a deep heartfelt thank you, to all of you who prayed, sent messages, packages, financial support etc. We are so grateful for you all.

God bless! Your love and support help us feel connected like you’ll never know. ~ Chris (L & A)

Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:

Please pray for Anora to continue to improve and that there is no long term damage due to this horrific disease.

Please pray for the next steps in the church planning project. We will need to raise funds for the shadowing process, and it is substantial.

Please pray God will work on the hearts of others to help us as we step into this venture.

Please pray as we near the end of Larena’s pregnancy, for her delivery to go smoothly and a quick recovery.

Also praying COVID restrictions will be lifted a bit, so I can visit my son once he is born and still in hospital. Please pray this might be possible.

Support Information

If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:

Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417

(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)

For ONLINE giving:

Simply go to:www.hopeirelandmissions.com & click on “partner.”

Sep 28

Pray for the Nation – a word from Bishop Coulter


Sep 28

Special Need–Mission to the Children

“Changing our world one Life at a Time”


September has been a very busy month for us. Thanks to your prayers. God opened up the doors and Josh starts school next week. It was a miracle we God Josh in. Thank you Lord. 


As of yesterday we finally got the ranch’s water lines reconnected. I have been having a lot of problems with headaches and was unable to work in sunlight and praise God my neighbors came over and patched my waterline.  They would not even allow me to pay. Thank you Lord for good neighbors.


I also was able to help a pastor friend close down his church as they could not continue to pay rent. They will reopen in the future when the Covid crisis passes. I helped take a truck load of trash to the dump for them and I was shocked by the smell and by what I saw.  It was the worst thing I have ever smelt in my life.

It rained and we had to walk in mud to unload the truck and I could hardly breathe the smell of rotten food and dead animals was intense.

On Top of all that I saw poor people digging through the trash trying to find anything of value. There were two pretty young girls digging in the trash. I smiled at them and they smiled back. Their faces were the only clean thing I could see. It broke my heart to see people suffering that much. They were young but the hard life they had lived caused them to look much older than they were.

Please pray for the many poor people in our world who suffer. 


We have had a lot of rain               lately, and the retaining wall to the drainage ditch behind the orphanages broke and the baby’s home flooded and everything outside was covered with mud. Josh worked all day with the clean up team. It was really hot and the mud soured.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but with the lack of donations due to Covid it will be hard for them to complete repairs.


Lastly, we have a missionary friend who has his funding reduced and he has been unable to pay rent for several months, and he is trying to raise $2,000 to build a one room shed so his family will have a place to stay. 

Please help him.

If you want to help designate it for Daniel and text me and let me know what you sent so I can get it to him as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your Prayers and support.

Please send your checks to Mission to the Children

PO BX 211322

Bedford, TX 76095



Sep 28

Corrected Links: TMCI 2020 Conference Sessions

NIGHT 1 Session 1- Bishop Marvin Tennant

NIGHT 2 – Sr. Bishop Robert Coulter

NIGHT 3 – Danny Steyne, Mountain of Worship

Session 2 TMCI Founder Judy Covington
Rev. Hannah Hunter: Kenya
Bishop Jim Reyes: Mexico
Session 3 Bishop Johnny Riley Workshop
Bishop Moses Nueman: Africa
Session 4 Bishop Cherie Burger
Session 5 Prophet Hayst Harrold
Session 6 Bishop Jerry Bowers
Session 7 – NIGHT 2 above
Session 8 Rev. Carol Rinehart Workshop
Session 9 Rev. Matt Grossman Workshop
Session 10 Bishop Mitch Martinez
Session 11 Bishop Marvin Tennant Workshop
Session 12 Breakout Prayer Rooms (no video)
Session 13 NIGHT 3 above

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