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Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

Throughout the gospels we see how Jesus teaches, practices, and gives the assignments to practice to his disciples. He taught about His Kingdom in the three chapters of Matthew 5-7. Then he practiced what he taught in the following chapters. Further in Matthew we can see how he was doing every single thing he had taught. Then, he gives the power of the Holy Spirit to his disciples. They go and practice everything that they saw Jesus’ teaching and practicing. Then the same pattern, simple yet powerful, continues in Acts. Moreover, we see this pattern continuing on a global scale. That is a normal process of circulation in our spiritual life. We are seriously missing out on his blessings if we are clogged somewhere in the process.

Men’s club

We have had our Men’s Club twice this year. A few new people came to our meetings. They were brought by their friends. Also, a few of our “old” members have gotten out of sight from us. Please pray for those people that we can find them. There are those whom no one knows their contacts. But some may not want to be in contact with us anymore. Also pray that the non-Christian part of the group would make an obvious step of coming to bible study group.

Featured Leader

Aigul is a young lady in her 30s. She was saved in our group at Ufa when she was a student. She was so bold that she wrote her new religion affiliation “Evangelical Christianity’ on her social page . This brought to her some unneeded problems but she expressed her faith in Jesus. Now she lives in a distant county. She works as a dental hygienist. Pray that she could make new disciples of Christ.

Friends and Family

We are going to have a short school break in the first week of April. Then, we will need to dig back into our studies to prepare for the exams on the two programs. Please continue to pray for Liliya’s father, too.

Please also pray for our Easter service this year. It’s going to be May 5th.

All things are done through Christ who gives us strength.

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Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

I have not found so great faith

Jesus amazed his followers as well as around-him-ramblers by how he defined a great faith. Many thought that kind of faith would need many days of praying and fasting or doing mercy to others. But according to the tenets of the New Covenant the acceptance of Jesus as the Lord God was one and only thing. Jesus shocked the audience by admitting that the faith of the Roman centurion was actually stronger than the one of the religious leaders. We constantly see that in our ministry. We see people who are proud of their origin. By how they want to please God by doing good works. But we also see those few whose faith has a great value.

ESL school

We were delighted that a good number of young people joined our English classes this year. We do have our meaningful conversations after the classes are over and some people may leave. We can sit around and drink tea for an extra hour. Please continue to pray for these young hearts to reveal their spiritual hunger and thirst and to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Featured Leader

Rustem was an ordinary student when he was at the college. That’s where the Lord met him on his way. He then was mentored as a youth leader at one of the groups in a distant town. Later, he went astray from the Lord. There were many years in a darkness without God until one day he came back to the Father. Now that he returned to the Lord he and his wife host a bible study group in their home. Please pray for this brother to be an example for many. He has passed through a lot. Pray that he might comfort others wherewith he himself comforted of God. They also ask us to pray so that the Lord gives them children.

Friends and Family

Tim was thrilled to be asked to play Star Spangled Banner on the piano during his performance at his music school. Please continue to pray for the successful progress of home-schooling. Please continue to pray for Liliya’s father, too.
We are so thankful for you all. Your co-working with us through prayer that is what moves us forward.

You can make tax deductible contribution to Ufa Bible Ministries which is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit entity. Make checks payable to: Ufa Bible Ministries, PO BOX 1761, Columbia, SC 29202

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Robert and Joy Varga — Missionaries to Paraguay

Dear loved ones and friends…
God bless you all with a great new year!!!
We hope and pray this newsletter finds you in good health and that it will be an inspiration to you!…
We don’t know what the Lord has in store for each one of us, but we know we can keep on trusting in Him Who knows the end from the beginning and that is a very comforting thought…
The Lord gave us a verse for this New Year that I have shared with some of you already…
It’s in Romans 15:13 and it says: May the GOD of HOPE fill you with ALL JOY and PEACE in BELIEVING that you may ABOUND in HOPE by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT…
No matter what’s ahead this year He can and will do this for us if we ASK Him and stay CLOSE to Him…

End of the year 2023…

The last two months of the year were full of meetings, reports, graduations, Christmas and New Year!
Amongst them were the men and women’s National congress which were attended very well and were an inspiration to many! The theme for the men was: “The armor of God and being strong in the Power of His might” and the women’s theme was: “Arise and shine” We need both themes for this year 2024 and keep our eyes on Him.
Then we had the National ministerial congress where all the pastors and district supervisors got their new assignments for 2024.
We can stay at our church and are very thankful for that!

Graduations at the “New Horizon” school…

Amongst the graduating high school students was “our” student, named Jenesis, who we were able to help and support for 12 years by the grace of God for He provided for her…
I was her English teacher at that time and we found out that she didn’t have a sponsor, and without it she wouldn’t be able to stay in school! We fell in love with her the first time she entered Kindergarten. She was so cute and has beautiful eyes and by faith we said “yes” to sponsor her and God hasn’t failed her nor us…He is so very good and faithful and we are so blessed…
She is turning 18 in April and she is very talented, artistic and a beautiful young lady!
She is seriously praying about what to do next, for there are different options but she is not sure yet. So, Robert and I are praying for God’s will and direction in her life and we thank God for the inspiration she is to others and us!

Back to school…

I am going back to work as a volunteer chaplain in the “New Horizon “school and help with teaching the Bible program for the mothers of the students and doing the devotionals with the teachers.

The church…

Well, we must confess that 2023 has been a very challenging year for our church family and for us!
But as always God has been faithful in that He has not given us more than we are able to bear and also to bear one another’s burden and so to fulfill the law of Christ. (1Cor 10:13 and Galatians 6:20)

Lidio and Aylin…

Two of our teens Lidio and Aylin have turned 15 years old which is a very special Birthday here!  
It’s the age of responsibility and their confirmation of faith.
We made it very special for them. They are both very precious and responsible kids, serious about the Lord, as well as with their studies, (they are both A students) and they love and honor their parents and grandparents all of whom are very humble and hardworking people and also members of our church.
We presented the teens each with their own study Bible, from which each one confirmed their faith in the Lord and shared Psalm 119:33 to 45 with the congregation…Aylin, was given a simple ring which is a symbol of God’s unending love for her, and Lidio received a lapel pin of the Christian flag to remind him of God’s Banner of Love over Him…
Then they both received a cute alarm clock to remind them to take time with the Lord every day and that time is short and that Jesus could return at any time. They loved it!
We have graduated them from the pre teens Sunday school class and are now disciplining them with Bible studies and counseling!
The rest of the kids Sunday school class are all 13 years and under so besides our two teens we just have young couples, older couples and single adults. We thank and praise the Lord for His faithfulness in the lives of those two precious teens…

Prayer, Practice, Prepare and Postpone…

Well, in the middle of all the things going on, we were praying, preparing, and practicing for Christmas and all were giving their best, especially the pre teens and teens. It had not been easy because we had lots of rain at the end of November and the beginning of December, which made traveling for us very difficult and for our members as well for they had to walk through the rain and mud to church.

Car problems…

Our car broke down once during that time but we got it repaired! PTL! We were hoping and preparing for a big turnout on the 17th of December ready to reach more souls for Jesus…having  special morning service and in the evening the theater, songs and a special message to honor His Birthday!
Robert and I were all set for that special Sunday, our car was filled to the top with props, clothes, small gifts and extra equipment and food, ready to leave at 3 am.
But then, without warning (the weather forecast here is seldom right) just before leaving it started to rain and storm and it lasted all day!!! We couldn’t make it to the church, neither could our people and all electricity went out as well! It went on like that the next day as well…On the 19th we were able to communicate with our church family again and decided to try again on the 21th.
We set out again and it started out as a beautiful day but it reached 110 Celsius and when we were half way our car broke down again…When we finally got home the heat was unbearable and there was no electricity! So, our Christmas play would not have been possible anyway without the working of the ceiling fans, the kids all dressed up, would have fainted and in that kind of heat the people don’t come out! Then Saturday 23th and Sunday the 24th our church members were traveling with their families to visit other family members…So all we could do for them was a Christmas service through WhatsApp and that was so disappointing for everyone, especially the Sunday school kids!

The New year…and Dengue fever…and three kings day…

We kept on having torrential rainfall for days and people came back from visiting their relatives during Christmas and New Year and many came back with dengue symptoms…
Since the 6th of January here is “three kings day” and that is the day of giving gifts to the children instead of Christmas day, we prayed about it and together with the church we decided we would have our Sunday service and Christmas play on the 7th So we still could be a witness and the kids were more than ready and happy to do it and we could also share the small gifts we had prepared for them.
Well, the service and play went very well, but hardly anybody from the neighborhood came out due to dengue symptoms and our two of our little shepherd boys were sick as well and could not make it! That did NOT stop the enthusiasm, we had explained to them before, that even if nobody came, we would do it before the Lord and the heavenly host for they would be watching!!!
And we all just went on and had a wonderful and blessed time together!
It went great! And we all felt we had won the battle for the Lord!
Well the dengue situation got worse and quite a few of our church families were affected by it, either coming down with it or running back and forth to the hospital with family members. Several of our older people are having it for a second or third time which is dangerous because it can cause hemorrhaging and then death. Robert and I had it once at the same time (it’s contagious) and it left us terribly weak for weeks on end…Please, keep praying for healing and protection for our people and for us, all of Paraguay is fighting the same battle every year due to the heavy rainfalls, humidity and the heat the dengue mosquito’s flourish!

Our God has a great sense of humor and definitely hears our prayers…

We have to share this little story! God keeps on showing up even in the smallest details and He makes us laugh and let us know that He hears us always…
One of our church family is dear Sabrina, she is 75 years old. She has been for many years very active in the church… In 2020 she almost died during Covid due to the fact that she has severe heart problems…Since that time she follows our Sunday services through “WhatsApp” and she is so thankful for that. Well, the Lord ensured her that He has not forgotten her! Last month on our way to the church, we were overtaken by a terrible rainstorm. We had promised to go and see Sabrina and her husband Miguel before the church service because she wasn’t feeling well. Like always before traveling, we prayed for protection and that we would have enough time to see how Sabrina was doing. The rain kept pouring down merciless and we weren’t sure that we were able to get to the church. We asked the Lord to please not let us pass by Sabrina’s house unnoticed! It was so bad that Robert had to pull off the road because we couldn’t see anymore where we were going and then our car didn’t restart…
We were sitting there for about ten minutes until the rainstorm slowed down a bit and we could finally get our bearings. To our great surprise when we opened the doors of our car, we found ourselves parked in front of Sabrina’s house!!! That was absolutely God’s doing!

We visited with her and Miguel, prayed with them and they were thrilled and so inspired by what the Lord had done…
Then wanting to go to the church our car didn’t start and we were stuck! We found out that no one had gone to church because the dirt roads were impossible to walk or travel.
After praying and trying again we knew we had to find a solution to go home and by God’s Grace we got in contact with the Touring agency who picked us up with a tow truck and towed us home…Our car had to go back to the shop and is still going…

Youth camp…

In the middle of February the Youth Federation asked me to be their camp nurse and counselor.
I thank the Lord that I could be part of the camp staff and see how the Lord would work in the hearts of the 90+ youth that would participate from different parts of the country…
Some of the staff were the young people who we had trained in their preteens and teens years and it was our greatest joy that they had turned out to be very responsible, caring and on fire young adults for Jesus…I was privileged to lead them in a time of devotion and prayer and worked side by side with them to get things set up and prepared for first aid, kitchen work, counseling, etc. he theme they had chosen for this year was: Maranatha, Jesus coming soon… At the end of camp, 82 of the 90 youth gave their lives to Jesus! It was a blessed but sobering time for these kids and for us as well.

Thank you for all your loving support in gifts and prayers so we can keep going! We thank the LORD for His faithfulness and YOURS during all those years!  We love you!

A big hug wrapped up in prayer…Robert and Joy.

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