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Tuesday Encouragement with Cheryl Coulter

Nov 26

A Missionaries Journey: Home and Abroad: Doug & Chris Wilson

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Encouragement from Bishop Coulter: Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Nov 19

Friday TMCI TV – Cheryl Coulter: Power of Can!!

Nov 18

Duamenefa Foundation


it is difficult to wait an entire quarter to share the great work that is ongoing and how God has blessed His work.
The classroom block consisting of six large classrooms now has a foundation and the walls are going up; a very labor intensive effort. After French floors were poured, then the raising up the walls to lintel, then roofing levels.
The classroom is the first building of five with the others following close behind. Big steps must be taken to get the school ready for the students and staff (some of who will reside on the school premises) to help with the spiritual process of healing.

The students will need a lot of help; both physically and spiritually.
Because the wards are coming out of very abusive and hopeless situations with fearful threats of madness or death constantly over their heads, the love of God will be most important to see them through to complete healing and wholeness. Teaching them an employable skill is secondary to this. With man, it is impossible, but the Word of God says, the truth will set them free in Jesus’ Name. God desires all captives free in body, mind and spirit; free of fear and intimidation and safe in the arms of God. Interviewing of the applicants will take place in the next few months in anticipation of a September 2022 opening.

Membership Drive—17,399 and Counting!

The team from Fafaa 100.3 FM have reached the communities of Abor, Afife, Akatsi, Dodorkorpe, Havedzi, Klenormadi and Avalavi to take application for new members. What is the Membership Drive and what is expected of the members? Are there advantages to belonging to this ever-growing Social Intervention Organization?
Let’s liken this membership to being a very large, spiritual watchdog or neighborhood watch program. Since our goal is to promote peaceful coexistence, the members agree to promote peace in their community. If they observe someone bringing harm, division, evil manipulations against others, they will report them to Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze, where these reports will be verified through investigations and if necessary, intervention will ensue to stop the wickedness and restore peace. The members are from every walk of life; they are Christians, Muslims, idol worshipers, immigration officers, police officers, politicians and chiefs. Members are people who simply want to live in peace and harmony with one another.

The team is going to 34 zones and, in collaboration with the Assemblymen of those areas, coordinate the membership drives to promote peace with every new member. We are delighted to report that those on the side of darkness are shaking now when they hear that Duamenefa Foundation is taking the cases for resolution and some are even giving up before they can be discovered.

All Glory and Thanks are given to God !!!

Praise Reports:

• Location of land / Land acquisition
• Molding of blocks (5000 done)
• Drawings (draft, elevations, site plan)
• Submission of Elevations to Municipality for approval and building permits (granted)
• Spiritual Ground breaking with much prayer, intercession and praise to God
• Marking and digging of classroom block foundations
• Pouring & building foundation
• Bending rods for pillar reinforcement
• Filling in the classrooms with filler dirt for French floors
• Installing iron rods for pillars
• Pouring of pillars
• Raising walls to lintel
• Lintels complete

Prayer Needs:

• Foundation work for second building—bungalow
• Preparing to fill to floor level
• Completing borehole for good potable water

Support Information:

Go to and send donation to

Or send a check or money order made out to:

PO BOX 2717

Nov 18

Mission to the Children

The rainy season has hit us hard. We have had a lot of flooding at the ranch, but thanks to your support we were able to fix our entrance way, and start digging out the mud from under our bridge. I know many of you are experiencing cool weather but here it is always hot. Our highs are 82-92 right now. Me and Josh have been working hard, and it took us four days to lay a rock foundation and then spread out the crush and run. Each rock had to be carried by hand through the mud and laid in place and it was exhausting. Our drainage ditch in front of the ranch has been filled with two feet of mud and caused the rain water to enter our ranch and flood our driveway and fields.  Me and Josh have started digging it out. IT is an enormous task. It will take us a month to do it by hand. We are praying for $250 to bring in a backhoe to do it. We are thankful for all the progress we have made, but we still have a very long way to go. 

Last week at our leadership meeting we decided to do a Christmas party for all the children in our small town of Astilleros. It will be an outreach activity and we are planning for 100 people.  It is awesome because it will cost around $300, and we have absolutely no money, but are going to start taking up an offering for the next four weeks. It is a big step of faith for us. No one in our church has a job and they struggle to get by. The truth is many children in our town will not have Christmas.  Life is hard here and our church wants to reach out and help our community. If you would like to help, please designate your donation to “The Christmas Party”.   Our services at the ranch are incredible, and each week we feel the presence of God in a powerful way. We struggle to keep the doors open, but praise God in spite of all the Flooding, robberies, busted water lines, and financial shortcomings, we continue to prosper. 

In these difficult times our ministry needs your daily prayers. We are struggling but by the power of God we are still standing and living by faith. We need help and we would love to host teams or individuals.  Please contact me if you have any questions.   Marriage life is treating me Just fine, and we are having to adjust to our new routines. Please pray for Lis as she tries to keep me in line. Sammy finishes his studies at Christ for the Nations this December. He has been on his own the past year, and he has worked full time and studied full time. I am proud of all his hard work.  Josh has been a huge help for me here.  He has been working very hard at the ranch, and he hates it, but each week he is there in the hot sun helping me.  I sure will miss him when he returns to the states next year to work.  Josh turns 18 this month and it is amazing how fast the time goes by. Imelda and I have sowed a lot of seeds into his life, and I am excited to see the great things he will do with his life.  I am very proud of my two sons.

Times are hard, last week Mission to the Children had to stop buying refreshments for our services due a lack of funds; Our account had $6.32 in it. Someone here stepped up and paid for our refreshments for last week and this week. That is the cool thing about living by faith, you just have to wait and God provides. God has been teaching me to wait without worrying. It’s not about what I can do, but rather it is about knowing what I can not do, and allowing God space to work and provide. Mathew 6:33 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God, but often we seek first the solutions to our problems, then when our options run out, we turn to God. First, God is bigger than all our problems. Second, our problems may catch us off guard, but our problems never catch God of Guard.  And finally, we live in the shadow of complete victory because of what Jesus did on the cross, and heaven is the complete cure for all our problems.  We walk in promised victory and we may lose many battles but we should never feel defeated, because we are not. Better days will always come. Faith keeps our heads up in these difficult times. Thank you for supporting “Mission to the children”.

Support Information:

Please make donations to: Mission to the Children PO BX 211322 Bedford, TX 76095 or 

Nov 18

The Szymanski Family

Missionaries to Mexico

Hello Friends,

It’s time to share whats been going on with our family and what we have been up to. I’m going to start with the difficulties we are dealing with our health. About 5 Months ago we were in a car accident while visiting California. Maricruz and I are dealing with sever neck injuries. Maricruz and I consulted with two surgeons.Both surgeons agreed Maricruz and I both need surgery. They told me that they need to remove and replace 3 of the discs in my neck. Both Maricruz and I are dealing with lots of pain and we have had to slow way down to try and heal up. We would appreciate your asking Father God to heal us.

Our son Daniel has been a great help in this time. Daniel has been helping out with the radio ministry. You may remember two years ago Maricruz won an award for having the best FM radio station in Latin America. We just got word that Maricruz has now been nominated for the best Web Radio Station. The Lord has been so gracious to show His approval of how we minister to His children.

The radio ministry is just part of how we love Gods children. Another part of this love is caring for the needs of widows and orphans. You all know how we love to feed and cloth the poor even more how we love to minister to the poor and share the Fathers Love with them. Every Christmas we spend in the jungles with the Mayans is special to us. We are now starting our Christmas fund raising for the widows and orphans. Our goal this year is $2,500. We will be purchasing food to make food boxes for the widows. We hope to have the funds to buy small gifts for the poor children along with 500 pounds of candy.

There are no big ministries that go into these small villages we minister in. We are the missionaries in their area. The gifts we bring for Christmas are the only gifts they will receive. The families are so poor they can’t afford sandals for their children. Every one looks forward to Christmas knowing that the Szymanski’s will be bringing them gifts from the body of Christ in America. I’m asking please help us to bring joy to the widows and poor children this Christmas. If God so chooses to bless us beyond The $2,500 we will expand  into a new village with Gods love. There are many villages that have not yet received Jesus. You know that your missionaries can only go as far as resources will allow.

Jesus Loves You !

The Szymanski Family

Support Information:

For a Pay Pal Deposit please use:

Bank Deposit: Make checks payable to Rick Szymanski. Enter 388860 in the Memo box. Mail to:
Central Willamette Credit Union
PO Box D
Albany, OR 97321

Thank You very much.

Nov 18

Hope Ireland Missions

Chris and Larena Johnston — Missionaries to Ireland Oct. 2021

Massive Support and Encouragement

Greetings loved ones! We’re settled back in Galway,
after a whirlwind of a training season for our family. Honestly, it’s
so nice to have the stability. We have been taking some time to get
our house back in order, meeting with pastors, and celebrating
Liam’s first birthday!

This past week Liam turned 1 year old! I can’t believe
it. He’s already been walking around the house, dancing, and
kicking a soccer ball. He’s so amazing. We thank God for our two
wonderful kids. It’s hard to believe there was a time when we were
struggling to start our family, dealing with loss after loss,
wondering what the future would look like. I’m reminded of the
time Larena randomly met an amazing couple from Texas who
gave us a random prophesy and encouragement: despite our
struggles, God was going to give us children. Now look at us!
Praise God.

Now, we begin to take steps towards another promise
God gave us. We have begun meeting with national leaders and
local pastors, sharing our vision of the city center church plant.
Before leaving Dublin, Pastor Jamie had challenged us. He said
it was great that we have mentors in the States who we go to for
support and to bounce ideas off of, but we were lacking mentors
who are on the ground in Ireland. So, as a part of our meeting with
national leaders, we’ve asked a few of them to be a part of our Irish
mentors. All of them enthusiastically said yes!

One of our meetings was with Pastor Sean Mullarkey,
lead pastor of St. Mark’s Church and the head of Christian
Churches Ireland. He was so encouraging. We were so blessed
that he took the time to meet with us despite his busy schedule,
and even more blessed by the life giving words he spoke over us.
He gave us some advice for starting a church from the ground up.
He assured us that not only does he have our back, but CCI has our
back as well. Also, he really spoke to our identity, reminding us
that we are genuine, pastoral, and that we have what it takes to
establish this church. He liked that we know “who we are and who
we’re not.” One piece of advice he gave that really resonated with
me was to not over promise. Basically what that means is, don’t
compare to other big churches and then set expectations too high.

It’s easy to compare, and we’re certainly driven by a vision of the
future church that God has put on our hearts. We want to see an
enormous impact on the community. We want to see lives changed
and hearts committed to the Lord. But, all of it takes careful
obedience to God’s will, as well as baby steps. If we get too far
ahead of ourselves, we run the risk of falling flat or having the
burden of disappointment. So, our constant prayer is for God to

not just lead us towards the vision He’s given us, but also to help
us see each next step, stay humble, and go at the pace that’s
necessary for Galway.

Another national leader we met with and we asked to
become a mentor was Pastor Brian Somerville, second in
command and head of the CCI academic program. I worked
closely with Brian a few years back when I was in the program,
and developed the remote learning hubs that tripled enrolment and
made it available across Ireland. Brian was completely behind us.
His words echo in our hearts, “Galway deserves a life giving
church.” He suggested becoming a part of the CCI church plant
networking, and gave us great encouragement and advice.

We feel it’s a very important step to connect with local
pastors in Galway, so we reached out to pastors in the local town
of Athenry. Pastor Sean O’Mahony and his wife Julia were a great
blessing to us. They have started two churches, one just south of
Dublin, and the other in Athenry (25min from Galway City). They
were delighted to hear that there’d be another church coming to
Galway. It was great getting advice from someone who has not
only planted churches before, but has planted in the West. I was
always convinced that the West is a hard place in general to do
ministry, but Pastor Sean reassured me. He said it’s easy to reach
people in Galway. Every week, Pastor Sean is out there
intentionally sharing the gospel and praying with people on the
streets and in businesses. His stories were very encouraging!

Mark O’Mahony is Sean’s son. He recently took over
the leadership of the church, and is also excited for us coming to
Galway City. Mark and his wife Regan are actually close friends
and live up the road from us. Not only were they very encouraging
as well, but they also invited us to attend their church until we get
up and started. Their 3 boys are friends with Anora and Liam.
It’s great to have all of this support, both on the national level as
well as locally. We thank God for the community and friendship
we have with the O’Mahonys as well. This helps us not feel

We are constantly reminded we’re not alone by you as
well. You are an amazing support to us. We love your letters and
emails, your kind words on social media, and your prayers. We
value you more than you know! I could never fully explain how
it feels to be a missionary in a foreign country, learning as we go.
I could never fully express the heartbreak, knowing our family is
so far away and haven’t even been able to see Liam in person yet.
But all of your support and connections help bridge the gap and
lighten that load. Thank you! Love, The Johnston’s

Prayer Requests:

Pray for this season of getting our house in order and resting after a very busy year!

Please pray for the people we are meeting with, that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct the meetings.

Please continue to pray for the space in town Galway that God has in store for us to use as our base.

Please pray for the 41 people that we are praying for and seeking out to be a part of this next season. We cannot wait to see what God has in store! The Best is yet to come!

Support Information:

If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to: Hope Ireland missions, 229 W. Exchange St., Crete, IL 60417. Please put Chris and Larena Johnston on the memo line.

For Online Giving: Simple go to and click on “Partner.”

Nov 17

Invitation to PSA Nat’l Day of Repentance

Bishop Jerry Bowers: voice message for PSA Nat’l Day of Repentance, December 1, 2021

Nov 16

Tuesday Encouragement

Bishop Coulter: Be Encouraged – Don’t Get Weary



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