Tasmania Update — Stephanie Baughman

Dear America,

I am composing this email as I am sitting in the City-owned Community Hall awaiting today’s Good News Club in St. Leonards. I am writing to you in reflection and wonder at how God has answered prayer and brought His vision to fruition. We are small in number right now, but God has begun this work that so many prayed into. Last week some college students joined us, and the children really made a connection with them.

Not only are we able to have Good News Club across the street, but our church is forming connections in the school in amazing ways as well. I have added helping with reading club and serving breakfast to my repertoire of skills to build relationships. Our pastor is coaching soccer. Another lady from church is helping with the school garden. This has all happened in the last few weeks as doors have opened in the school in unprecedented ways.

While St Leonards is a 6-week Good News Club, we would love to continue the momentum next year. I know some of you have asked about a special project, and at least one of you specifically about St. Leonards. I am looking to set up a special project fund so that we can have Good News Club and continue to reach the children next year. I hope to even add more school terms. It costs $55/week to rent the building, and we are looking into more advertising options too. The good news is $55 here is the same as $38 in US dollars. If you’d like to be a part of that next year, I will keep you informed as we work through setting up a special project account.

In other news, while the children in St. Leonards learn that Jesus is God who Cares for People, our other Good News Clubs have been seeing that Jesus is the God of Power and Glory by the amazing miracles He did.

There are several upcoming single events as the Spring holidays approach. I mentioned a couple months ago that I would be planning the children’s program for our Tasmanian Bishops Training event in September. The theme this year is having “Unshakeable Faith” in an ever-changing world. Pray that God would gird up our Christian children in their faith through this event.

Also, I am planning an outreach holiday program in the small town of Cressy. We did a Christmas event there last year. This Spring the theme will be all about Space. So, pray that many boys and girls will hear about it and come along.

Prayer Requests:

·         The children at the St. Leonards Good News Club, that they would see their need for Christ and trust Him as their Savior.

·         More children to come along to the St. Leonards Good News Club

·         The children attending the Bishops Training Event to grow in their faith

·         God to bring children along to the holiday event in Cressy

In Christ,