Carlos and Emily Romero — Missionaries to Guatemala

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to help a poor family with a new roof and windows for their small wooden house. Thank God, the Leon family will have not more rain inside the house.

Emily continues to serve as an elementary principal and teacher at CAG; this week she took the fifth graders to visit a coffee plantation, and she also led the servant day project where the kids paint the curbs and some walls at the school.
Analynne’s class went with me to Chichicastenango to do a mission project.

We visited some poor families and provided some essential food for them, prayed with them and shared the gospel. During the night, we visited some friends’ discipleship group, played games and had a Bible lesson.

On Friday, we painted the kitchen for an elementary school and did a kids’ program, and during the afternoon we visited a church where we led part of the worship. Analynne preached the sermon, and at the end we have three people that gave their life to Christ.

We ask you to pray for Carlos’s health as he has an injury in his right knee.

During the next two weekends, I will be leading worship for the Bible school graduation, and December 2-3, I will be one of the speakers at the annual conference for pastors and leaders of ASELSI in Chichicastenango.

Thank you very much for your prayers and faithful support!!! We are tired but have seen God’s faithfulness this year even among abundant work. The harvest is many, but the workers are few!

We will be visiting our family and supporters for Christmas from December 16th to December 30th. If you would like to see us, please let us know.

Many blessings,
Carlos and Emily Romero

Heart for the Nations