Rick and Maricruz Szymanski — Missionaries to Mexico

Dear Friends,

I would like to start with an explanation why I haven’t sent a ministry update earlier. Back in January I suffered a very serious injury to my right groin and hip muscles. This injury was more painful than anything I could have imagined. I am still healing and unable to sit at a computer for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I am very limited in my motion and unable to do the most simple things. I am getting so frustrated with all this rest. I call it rest but when my leg is throbbing in pain all the time it’s not very restful.

Even during this difficult time I do venture out once in a while for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of God. Maricruz on the other hand is working day and night for the Lord.I would like to share some of the exciting things we have seen the Lord doing.

We saw God physically save the lives of people on one of our trips into the Yucatan Jungle where we minister to a group of Widows. We went to see one Widow who was in bed on the verge of death. We prayed for her to be healed. The next day we received a video call from her pastor showing the woman walking around and giving Praise to God. She was eating and drinking again.

On the same trip we had our Widows meeting where we give them finances to help them buy food and other things. While we ministered to the widows the Holy Spirit showed up. It was great to see all these Mayan Widows running around, jumping up and down, Prophesying and praying in tongues. Four of the widows received physical healing. There was an old woman there we had never seen before. Maricruz walked over to her, pointed her finger at her and said Jesus loves you! The Woman let out this big sneeze that scared Maricruz into jumping backwards. The woman jumped up and started running around yelling and screaming with excitement. One of the Lords servants told us that this lady was a witch and came to our meeting because people keep telling her how God is healing people and saving peoples lives in our meetings. This witch was deaf until Maricruz told her Jesus loves her. When she sneezed hear ears were opened and she could hear perfectly. This woman renounced her witchcraft and received Jesus in her life.

We were asked to go to another house in this village where a young woman was dying. Her body shut down on her, both her kidneys and bladder stopped working. Her kidneys were full of very painful stones. Her body was very swollen full of the toxins her body could no longer get rid of. The doctors had to remove half of her right foot.The doctors gave her just a day or two before she would die. When we arrived at the little house the woman was in bed unable to move. Maricruz prayed with the lady to receive Jesus. Maricruz told her you are going to live because Jesus lives in you. Maricruz got a bucket and told the lady to pee in the bucket. They helped her out of bed and onto the bucket. When she sat on the bucket all the fluid rushed out of her body. All the kidney stones were peed out as well. We saw her again and did not recognize the beautiful woman who approached us. God completely healed this woman, when I say completely I mean God grew her foot back without even a scar remaining.

I have so much more to tell of God’s Goodness but this is all my body can handle for now. Next time I write I will share of our trip to the Dominican Republic. It was truly like walking into the book of Acts and living it in person. I will also share of a trip to Mexico City.

Jesus Loves You and we do too.

Szymanski Family

Don’t forget to pray for us.