Stas Karpenko — UFA Bible Ministries

Paul writes to the churches in Corinth that at one point they sentenced ourselves to death within himself, so that to trust in God who raises the death. The best example that portrays this truth is when Paul was en route to Rome on a ship as a prisoner. They experienced strong storm and even had to throw freight from the ship into the water to make the boat lighter. But this did not help. Finally, they all truly had that feeling among themselves that they were going to die soon. But here comes God, who raises the dead. He rescued the boat and everyone stayed alive. How many times have we experienced that in our lives? When it seemed that everything is against us? That without him we are going to succeed? We’ve experienced that a lot in our ministry.

Christmas Service

Our Christmas service was full this year. I was especially pleased to see that several people from our clubs came. The news about the birth of Jesus was spoken. Continue to pray for those attending so that they would express their interest to join our bible study group. That they accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Friends and Family and other needs

Please pray for the successful progress of homeschooling. Continue to pray for Liliy’s dad. Pray for wisdom and stamina. Also, please pray for our websites and hosting needs. We need $300 annually. Please pray for the supply of this need for this year. Thank you for being a vital part on this journey of faith.

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