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I have not found so great faith

Jesus amazed his followers as well as around-him-ramblers by how he defined a great faith. Many thought that kind of faith would need many days of praying and fasting or doing mercy to others. But according to the tenets of the New Covenant the acceptance of Jesus as the Lord God was one and only thing. Jesus shocked the audience by admitting that the faith of the Roman centurion was actually stronger than the one of the religious leaders. We constantly see that in our ministry. We see people who are proud of their origin. By how they want to please God by doing good works. But we also see those few whose faith has a great value.

ESL school

We were delighted that a good number of young people joined our English classes this year. We do have our meaningful conversations after the classes are over and some people may leave. We can sit around and drink tea for an extra hour. Please continue to pray for these young hearts to reveal their spiritual hunger and thirst and to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Featured Leader

Rustem was an ordinary student when he was at the college. That’s where the Lord met him on his way. He then was mentored as a youth leader at one of the groups in a distant town. Later, he went astray from the Lord. There were many years in a darkness without God until one day he came back to the Father. Now that he returned to the Lord he and his wife host a bible study group in their home. Please pray for this brother to be an example for many. He has passed through a lot. Pray that he might comfort others wherewith he himself comforted of God. They also ask us to pray so that the Lord gives them children.

Friends and Family

Tim was thrilled to be asked to play Star Spangled Banner on the piano during his performance at his music school. Please continue to pray for the successful progress of home-schooling. Please continue to pray for Liliya’s father, too.
We are so thankful for you all. Your co-working with us through prayer that is what moves us forward.

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