Les and Cele Walker — Missionaries to Honduras

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. May the joy of the Lord be your strength in good times and hard times. May there be peace within your household as you glorify God in your words and actions. May the love of God overwhelm you with comfort and peace of mind.

It has been a while since I have written. A lot has happened and I will try to cover it as quickly as possible.

When I returned to Honduras, Les, with the help of some friends, had moved us into a new house. It is a good fit for right now and we are thrilled to have all these windows. It has been very hot and our A/C is not big enough to cool this house like it did the other house so we have been thanking God for the fans and breezes that help us stay cool even when the temps reach 105 or higher with a feels like of almost 115. I realize it’s hard to believe, but it really does feel OK most of the time. The A/C does work to cool the house down in the evening after the sun goes down, however we seldom use it.

Our English conversations classes are going well. We have several people come and go from the class with over 35 lives touched so far. We had our largest class this last month. We had 12 students at once! Thankfully, Pastor Luis gave us 6 older school chairs with a desk connected and so we had enough room for all the students. It was fantastic to have so many students at one time. I will also be starting another online class next week and hopefully start having classes online with a past student. The internet where she lives is not consistently strong enough to have a class. However, I will be doing my best to help her get some work done. I may not be the teacher for all of the online classes if my missionary friend is able to help with the online classes. She will be visiting here to see if living here will be a good fit for her. I am praying the answer will be YES! She is a fabulous person and I am sure the people here will welcome her with open arms.

As an addition to our English-speaking classes, we have added an English speaking bible study. We now have the ability to grow and study God’s Word with a group that speaks our native language. All other activities we do with the church family are in Spanish. It has been exciting to host this group of believers.

We have been led to rent a 2nd house near where we live now. It is a 1 bedroom home with an office, full living room, dining room and kitchen. It needs some work done, which we will be doing on our own for the owner. We will have the opportunity to stay in this home for up to 7 years, maybe more. The property has several types of fruit trees as well as some herbs and pepper plants. We have had the opportunity to eat 2 fresh mango’s, lemons, sour sop, oregano, 2 types of cilantro that I can eat. There are other trees and plants. This second property has given us the opportunity to host a missionary friend for several months starting in July. What a blessing it will be to have her help and that we are able to help her. I will share more about that in the next newsletter.

I would like to share some of the answered prayers God has provided

One of our students was diagnosed with a fibrous tumor that the doctor

thought might be cancerous. She came over and we talked for a while and we prayed and declared that she would be healed without the need for surgery. This past week she came over with some exciting news. She does not have to have surgery and the tumor will be treated with natural herbs instead of toxic medication with bad side effects. It is so exciting to see how God heard her prayers and belief that she would not need surgery!

We have a student that was dealing with a pain in his hips and legs. He was unable to work for almost a month because of the pain. He is now healed and able to work and even did a bit of a dance to show how God had healed him.

Prayer requests:

I have several friends who have recently lost siblings, children, parents, and spouses. One who’s husband passed over a year ago and a friend whose son took his own life just over a year ago. Please join us in praying for them and their families.

Les and I will be traveling to the U.S. for the month of June. We will be in Minnesota and could use a vehicle while we are there.

Thank you for your prayers.

May the joy of the Lord fill you with Great Joy as you enjoy the end of spring and beginning of the summer in the United States.

In His Grip,

Cele and Les Walker

Walker Missions Honduras