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Tuesday Encouragement with Ronda Smith: Conference – You Don’t Want to Miss It!

Annual Conference, September 14-16, 2022. Don’t forget to register at See you there!

Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Jim Reyes: Family Priority in Ministry

Tasmania Update — Stephanie Baughman

Dear America, I am composing this email as I am sitting in the City-owned Community Hall awaiting today’s Good News Club in St. Leonards. I am writing to you in reflection and wonder at how God has answered prayer and brought His vision to fruition. We are small in number right now, but God has …

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Tuesday Encouragement with Bishop Marvin Tennant: Miracles!

Friday TMCI TV with Matt Grossman: Pressing Forward Invitation

Tuesday Legacy Bishop Bob Coulter Encouragement: Seeking His Presence

Don’t forget to register for Annual Conference @ Sept. 14-16, 2022

Friday TMCI TV with Chris Wilson: Conference, Don’t Miss It!

Eagles Rest International Ministries — Doug and Jill Nelson

This is your opportunity to help. Monsoons Bring Flooding to Northern Thailand Two weeks of constant rain resulted in massive flooding in the MaeSai, Thailand, area. The Mekong Bible Training Center’s large garden is underwater, the fish pond has overflowed its banks, and caring for the livestock is challenging. These are all items important to the Center personnel …

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Tuesday TMCI TV with Bishop Mitch Martinez: Growth, part 3

Friday TMCI TV with Bishop Mitch Martinez: Growth part 2