Bishop Coulter: the word from the Lord for TMCI 2018

This is the word I received from the Lord for TMCI for 2018

This going to be a year of explosion. The Holy Spirit will bring forth new revelation in your life. We will experience explosive growth spiritually and numerically. The Lord says, “Go deeper in Me and I will bring you to a higher plain so that I can give you new revelation. You will be able to see beyond the horizon with your own eyesight and will see with spiritual eyesight what I have for you. But you must pay the price of time and effort to know Me better. Much I have for those who will go deeper in Me. Much more for those who truly take the time with Me, so I can speak to them in that still quiet voice. Those who go deeper in Me will go farther this year in the spiritual and physical areas of their lives. I am ready to explode your ministry so that I may be glorified for what I accomplish through you. Go deeper and I will empower you for great and mighty works. Go deeper and know that I am God, and nothing is impossible with Me. Go deeper and I will reveal the secrets of the kingdom to you. Go deeper and reap the benefits of My blessing and empowerment. Go deeper and receive the renewed anointing in your life. Go deeper and I will give you the desires of your heart because your heart will be filled with My desires. Go deeper and you will see the salvation of the Lord in all that you do.” Thus says the Lord.


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    • on January 24, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Words of encouragement and hope. Blessings, deb

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