Apr 15

God Is Speaking, Stas Karpenko, Russia

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April 2020 Prayer Letter

There were times in history when God spoke clearly and undisguisedly. He tore the curtain in the temple to depict the truth that everyone can now come into fellowship with Him. He destroyed the temple in 70 AD to express the idea of a new spiritual temple, Church which is spiritual body, not stones.

Now He is showing even more vividly to the world that He is the true Lord of Lords. These days we clearly see that his Church is not mere a building but a live fellowship of saved souls. Let us bow down before Him in owe!

Easter, Zimbabwe and ESL Box

This year Easter is on April 19th here. Easter service will be held online. Please pray for lost souls to join that worship as many in Russian culture feel the urge to do something “spiritual” on that day.

Please pray for our mission trip to Zimbabwe In May. As you know all international travels came to a standstill. There are not any firm dates for easing it. In some parts it is worse, in some parts it is slowly starting to get better. Please pray for wisdom and discernment about the trip for us and all parties involved.

Several of you have responded to a call to send boxes for our ESL school. At least one box was already packed and sent! We cannot say thank you enough to each of you who took part in this project.

Featured Leader

Please be in prayer for Djaleel. He got saved many years ago but then stopped following the Lord. Later he returned to the Lord and started to come to our church. He and his wife have been on fire for the Lord last few months. He is clearly experiencing first love with the Lord. They are learning how to trust God in their lives. Please pray that he would go further in his spiritual growth and become a leader. That we would see how we can help him to serve the Lord fruitfully.


Our daughter Christina turned 4 on April 8th. She is absolutely adorable. It is a special blessing to watch her growing and becoming mature every day.


We deeply appreciate your countless prayers and support. These days that means a lot to us. We pray that there will be much fruit to your account as He continues to draw lost souls to Himself.


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