Jan 29

Bishop Coulter invites you to join us for a 21-DAY PRAYER FAST FOR NATIONS: Feb 5-26

Dear Friends,

During the last World Pray meeting,  Bishop Jerry Bowers and the  team were sharing with each other how that many of the Christians they were ministering to were discouraged and  losing faith over the events of the day. They decided to encourage the people and help them to become more proactive by developing 21-Day Prayer Fast for Nations.

I invite and encourage you to join me and the team on this 21-Day Prayer Fast for Nations beginning February 5 through 26.

 Also, please invite those in your ministry and your friends to join. 

We include Bishop Jerry’s notes and guide. Click the link for the full letter, decrees, and declarations.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered,

Bishop Bob Coulter


Today in the nations, our greatest need to is preach the gospel of the kingdom. We face a battle with many roadblocks to the gospel.  We face a pandemic virus, hostile governments, oppression, hunger, violence and the murder of our unborn children.  Our battle is not with politics or men, but with principalities and powers in heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) Political leaders will not save us. There is a need to repent on behalf of our nation, its leaders and the Church which needs to find its voice and its knees before God on behalf of the nations. (2 Chron. 7:14). The shedding of the blood of our babies and violence needs to be addressed by spiritual leaders even if it is not politically acceptable.

When Daniel encountered warfare, he turned to God in a 21-day prayer and fasting effort. God has, himself told us what kind of fast He is looking for in Isaiah 58. The apostles in the Book of Acts experienced a lockdown that restricted the preaching of the gospel. God showed them how to address it. With these biblical references in mind, the following 21-day outline applies biblical principles from Daniel 10; Isaiah 58, and Luke 4:18-20.
Bishop Jerry Bowers

21 Day Prayer Focus to renew Hope and Love in Christ

Day 1:  Offer Praise and Thanksgiving unto the Lord. Read Luke Chapter Four and meditate on the battle Christ went through in order to bring a shift of focus from religion to showing the Father’s love to the people. Pray into what God shows you.
Day 2: Read the feeding of the 5,000. What did Christ tell his disciples to do? Give to others.
Day 3: Read Matt. 10:5-8. What were the disciples to go out and do freely? Pray for others. How did Christ minister regarding man’s need in Acts 10:38? Minister and speak freedom to others.
Day 4: Read Matt. 5:43-48. Who are we to love and how are we to act? Pray for your enemies.
Day 5: Read Luke 10:1-9, 17. What is our part in prayer-walking in our city or marketplaces? Speak peace. What did Christ see in verse 17 that revealed how Satan was defeated by ministry to families? Follow this.
Day 6: Read Ephesians 5. What does it look like when our light shines? Walk in and speak light into darkness.
Day 7: Read Acts 4: Declare the mighty acts of God over your city and family. Call forth restoration.
Day 8: Read Acts 4: Lift up before God the restrictions in your life and city and declare that His word will come forth and not return void. Isaiah 55:10-11.
Day 9: Read Acts 4: Ask God to stretch forth His hand to heal people and show signs and wonders to break the strongholds of the enemy.
Day 10: Read Acts 4: Ask God to release “Boldness” over the release of His word that it will go forth with power in your city and fellowship.
Day 11: Read Acts 4: Ask God to show you what you can share with others to help them or encourage others to have hope.
Day 12: Read Acts 4: How does the resurrection of Christ speak life and hope into our present situations? What can you proclaim about how the power of His resurrection impacts truth, life and hope in our world today?
Day 13: Read Acts 3: What did Peter have that was more valuable than riches?
Day 14: Read Acts 3: Why did Peter take him by the hand and what does this say about our reaching out to others?
Day 15: Read Acts 3: What was the name of the gate where Peter found the lame man? The gate was known historically as the “Shushan Gate.” It commemorated the deliverance brought by King Cyrus who lived in the city of Shushan. It was literally known as a “Gate of Deliverance.” It was to this gate the disciples came to announce and greater deliverance and a greater deliverer than what Cyrus represented. They came to demonstrate this deliverance by healing the lame man.  Speak a release of this gate in your city.
Day 16: Read Acts 3:26. Why are we told that God raised up Christ and what would he do for us? The word here “to bless” means to speak well of us.” How can he see all our iniquity and still speak well of us? He sees us complete in His Son and declares us righteous. We are to encourage others to come to the gate beautiful and believe in a new life Christ can offer them. Righteousness by faith is seeing ourselves in God’s eyes.
Day 17: Read Acts 4:4: How many heard the man’s testimony of entering the Gate Beautiful and believed his message?  What does this suggest the church needs to be doing in our cities?
Day 18: Read Acts 4:7: What did the rulers want to know about how this miracle had happened? What does this say about our witness for Christ?
Day 19: Read Acts 4:10: How does wholeness come to us. (See also 2 Cor. 5:17) What message of hope can we give to people who are now fearing death and the virus?
Day 20: Read Acts 4:13: As the rulers heard the disciples speaking with boldness what did they realize about who they had been with? 
 Day 21: Read Acts 4:18-20. What did they affirm that they had to keeping speaking about? Meditate on the sacrifice of Christ in Isaiah 53 and Phil. 2:1-16. How these texts affect what we speak about and how we should relate to our world? Make your own declaration on this.

CLICK for full copy of letter with decrees and declarations.