Jan 05

Stas Karpenko/Ufa Bible Ministries Update

Christmas always reminds me about humbleness. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, left His royal mansions to be mingled with men. He chose to be born not in one of the noble places of the time but rather in the humblest. Throughout His life we see this happening again and again. Instead of feasting in the high places he chooses to share meal with the sinners. He is the one who possesses all the power and might. Even when he is standing in front of Pilate, it is evident that He controls the situation, not Pilate. Yet, He chooses again and again to be humble and kind. Great example for us, his followers in 2021 and, hopefully, in 2022.

Things to Remember
As we look back over 2021, we give thanks for all the encounters we have had with people in various faucets of our ministry and opportunities to share the gospel. As we look forward to 2022, we would ask you to pray for God’s peace in this place. It’s just been too much to carry for the people of Bashkortostan in 2021. Pandemic and economic woes were tough. People look anxious and worried about the future. Crime rates are high. Even some ministers look overwhelmed. Pray that the Lord would pour his peace into the hearts of people.

Young Generation
Over this year we have seen numbers of young people coming to the Lord. Please, pray that we would help young people put the Lord first in their lives and find freedom in Christ. We want to see young people committing to the Great Commitment and harvesting for the Kingdom. Most of them are the bearers of a different spiritual DNA, set more on the church as a function rather a form.

Friends and Family
We praise the Lord that a new music teacher for Tim was found. That we had our consultation times with several teachers in the local school to help him grasp the requirements of the program.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us in 2021. We wish you Merry Christmas and his richest blessings in 2022!

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