Jan 05

Rick, Maricruz and Danny Szymanski Update

Happy New Year !!!!
I like starting off a new year with good news. I would like to thank everyone who helped us with our Christmas outreach. The Outreach was just great this year. We bought hundreds of pounds of candy for the kids. We were so excited going to the stores and picking out the best candy. We got the candy home and disinfected the bags. Danny and I sat at a table with hundreds of empty bags that needed to be filled with all that candy we purchased. We spent hours stuffing those bags. That’s quality Father Son time.

We then went shopping for the widows care boxes. The boxes were bigger and fuller than ever before. When we drove out to the jungles we delivered the boxes to each of the widows huts. We had fun ministering to the widows in their huts. One of the widows has been suffering with sever diabetes and kidney problems. She had been in bed for 7 weeks. The doctors had just removed part of her foot. Her sister had a dream the night before that God would heal here. When we prayed for her she got so excited she jumped out of bed jumping up and down yelling I’m healed. God is so good to us all.
We went to the church in Santa Cruz where we invited all the children of the village to come and get candy. We had a great time singing songs, talking about the birth of Jesus and praying for all the children. I always have so much fun playing with the children there. It was so funny to see all these children running around with their mouths full of candy. For most of the children this candy will be the only gift they get for Christmas.

When we finished ministering to the children we drove to the town of Xcan. When we entered the main street we meet a group of teenagers doing a posada. We stopped and talked to them about the meaning of Christmas. We prayed with 43 of the teenagers to receive Jesus in their lives. After we prayed for them we gave everyone in the group a bag of candy. We then drove around giving candy to children until it was all gone, We then Stopped and gave care boxes to a couple more widows.
It was a fun day for us. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible.

With much love Rick, Maricruz and Daniel