May 02

News from Paraguay with Robert and Joy Varga

Dear loved ones and friends,
We hope and pray that this newsletter will bless you.
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow…One day at the time, trusting Him who is faithful and true!

February…Was a month of grieving for our congregation because four different members of our church lost someone in their family due to sickness in the time space of one and a half weeks.
You might ask, why share it? We share it because it’s important to know that one of them didn’t know Jesusone did know Jesus and two others received Jesus as their Savior before they died.
Three out of four, that is a reason to rejoice. It also admits of the pain and is a wakeup call to make the right decision before it’s too late!

Construction of the Sunday school…We have the roof on and are now hoping to finish up with the doors and windows. Since it is a holiday season, we are not actually building but are more into the logistics of material gathering and preparing the site to be able to pour the floors and install the electrics.

Feliciano: God answers prayer in amazing ways…In February we started to pray for new people and converts. Due to the pandemic the church attendance suffered a lot.
One Sunday we came to church and there was a man sitting on the steps. It was 6:30 am and we greeted him. His name is Feliciano. He is in his late fifties. He was introduced by one of our members during a testimony time we have at our Sunday services. He came forward to explain that when he was much younger, he had visited a Baptist church while living in Asuncion. After a while he left there and went back into the world and messed up. He went through a depression that he couldn’t shake off and that went on for years. Then he came back to his village in the country, which is about 3 miles from our church.
A month and a half ago he finally dared to ask God for help.  (He thought that because of his many sins, God wouldn’t want him, or listen to him for that matter.) One morning he started walking and he saw a man dressed in beige signaling him to follow him…He followed him from a distance not knowing what to think. The man who led him to our church walked in and when Feliciano got there… he disappeared. He looked for him, but could not find him so he just sat on the steps.
Now, one and a half months later, he received the Lord,found forgiveness for his sins, and is being discipled  and has such hunger for the Word. He comes to help to clean the church on Saturdays and helps with the construction of the Sunday school. He volunteers happily for whatever is needed and walks back and forth to church and to his Bible classes. That’s 6 miles every time he comes and he says it keeps him healthy and happy. Last Sunday he came up to us and gave us a list of 11 people which he said were his brothers and sisters and if we could please help him to pray for their salvation, which we gladly do!

Which brings us to: The Glory of Easter!!!

I found this little gem many years ago and it’s very dear to my heart, but I have no idea who the author is… but it gets deep into the very soul.

The throne…
When I stand before Your Throne
Dressed in beauty, not my own
When I see Thee as Thou art…
Love Thee with unsinning heart
Then, Lord, shall I fully know,
Not till then, how much I owe…

A very blessed Easter to all of you and much love wrapped up in prayers.
Robert and Joy.