May 02

UFA Bible Ministries Update

And the Word of God increased

Amid troubles in Acts 4-6 Luke
points out that “the Word of God
increased, even those from
among the priests came to
faith”. We see this great
manifestation of success the first
church had in spreading the
good news in Jerusalem.
Frankly, it seems impossible
with all these internal/external
problems to even think about
the growth. Yet, the Lord was
giving them a revival which was
greater than their troubles.
That’s what we often see in the
time of crises here in this area.

ESL school and Workshop
We continued to teach English
as second language in March.
Although we were not pleased
to learn the landlord wants to
raise the rental. Continue to pray
for those who attend, with
whom we maintain meaningful
connections for the Kingdom.

The workshop for prospective
leaders is going to be on April
29-30. We have a lot of things to
discuss. After that, I and a few
leaders are going to travel to
Kazan for a conference. Pray for
that, too.
Pray for Easter service which is
on April 24th this year according
to the Eastern Calendar. Pray for
people to come to our
fellowships and be saved.
Please pray with us as we think
and plan for the future events
even as many things remain

Featured Leader
This month we are going to tell
you about a young man who
yet to become a leader. Marsel
was a student in our English
class for several years. He first
came to us when he was very
young. Little by little he started
to stay after our classes for an
extra cup of tea and discussion.
It turned out he had problems
in his family. As we spent more
time together we discussed
some Bible stories and he
shortly received Jesus as Lord
and Saviour. Marsel boldly
shared about being born again
with his family members. His
life bloossomed and his family
became our friends in the

Friends and Family
Tim and Christinas continue
their classes. Pray for good
attitude to the studies and
good memory. Also, for good
prep for the final tests.
Thank you for your standing
with us during these days. We
truly appreciate your love and
prayers. That’s what co-
working for the Kingdom is!

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