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Bishop Johnny Riley: The Kingdom of God – Secrets Revealed

Bishop Coulter: Gates and Keys! Encouragement as We Launch into 2020


The Greatest Gift We Can Give Jesus: Encouragement from Bishop Coulter


Encouragement from Bishop Emmanuel Bawa: Being a Believer – Going Farther, Deeper

Bishop Marvin Tennant: Sticks and Stones may Break Your Bones but WORDS will Mentally Oppress You

A Welcome to our TMCI blog, from Bishop Coulter

Welcome to The Missionary Church International( TMCI), a fast-growing denomination reaching around the world. TMCI, for over twenty-five years, has fulfilled this simple mandate from God: to empower men and women around the world to fulfill the calling God has on their lives by giving them a 501(C)(3) [United States Only] and ordaining them. One …

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Bishop Coulter: Encouragement and Thanksgiving


From Bishop Coulter: Join us May 22-25, 2020 for the first annual TMCI Africa conference!

Dear Friends, I have the privilege of announcing another historical event for TMCI, our first annual TMCI Africa Conference on May 22-25, 2020. I encourage you to consider joining us for this historical event. Following the conference, you are given additional opportunities to participate in events. For those who might want to minister in the …

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It’s Time to Put the Hex On the Witch: Encouragement from Bishop Marvin Tennant

Bishop Mike Swearingen: Encouragement to Seek God and Mature in the Spirit