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Les and Cele Walker — Honduras

WALKER MINISTRIES              October 2023 

May the God of peace fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. May the joy of the Lord be your strength as you travel the roads of your life. May the love of God our Father fill you to overflowing and touches the hearts of those you are near.

I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for the road in front of us to stop being a deadly length of road. It has been over 2 months since the last deadly accident. Les and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the result of the prayers from you all. I would also like to Thank you for praying for Yesy’s son Adrial who had been in the hospital for a short time. He is doing much better. We would also like to thank those who were led to invest in our ministry financially. It has been very helpful for us as we share the love of God with the community we live in. An important thank you for me is to thank each of you that prayed about the scorpion problem. It has been an entire month since we have seen a scorpion in our home! We are thanking God for helping us with that issue.

Lastly, but very important to us, we want to thank the special group of people that have been there for us when we have needed personal prayer or emergency guidance and prayer for ourselves or the people we are working with. It has been a very tough few months spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically and we depend on the prayers, conversations, council and emotional support of this small group of people who have graciously stood with us. Some of you have let us know you would be willing to stand with us and some have become a part of the small circle of extra support by answering our requests for prayer when asked. You are all a special blessing to us, and especially me (Cele) as I tend to be the one talking to people.

This month seems to have gone by quickly. We went to San Pedro Sula for the first time since we arrived in the area. Our Pastor wanted to help Les upgrade his wardrobe which was very small. We were also treated to a fabulous lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Our Pastor has helped us out tremendously since we have arrived. The timing of the provision for clothes was right on track. It allowed Les to have nice clothes for this past Saturday night when we became members of Monti Carmelo Church. We are so excited to be members of a church body that is on fire for the Lord.

Most of the people here do not have much. Because we have gotten to know some of the people here they have begun to ask us for financial help. It is helpful for us to remember that we are not their providers, God is, and He was doing a good job of helping them before we got here. However, when they ask for help with their needs, we listen for Gods guidance and move accordingly. Most times when the request is for money the answer is no. However, we have been led to gift people money without their asking. When the Holy Spirit puts it on our heart to give a gift we obey. Les and I have each done that even before we met each other. We are blessed to be a blessing and that is what we do. At other times we have been able to provide help in other ways. We were able to provide food for a family in need.  We are here to give people a hand up whenever we can. To share the love of God and encourage them to get to know Him as Lord and Savior.

One night I received a call for help from one of our new friends. They needed a place to stay for the night. We were able to help them, however, they had to sleep on blankets on the floor because we do not have any extra beds in our home. We hope to have one room set up for guests before the end of the year if finances permit. It will be nice to have a place ready for guests and missionaries.

This last month Les and I were blessed to be able to spend a weekend at a retreat with Honduran Fellowship. It was such a blessing for us. Les did have some problems which kept him in the room most of the day on Saturday, however, he was able to attend most of the sessions. We learned so much and were ministered to by the leaders and staff of HF. They are such a blessing. I especially appreciated that they took the time to pray over each ministry personally. What a fantastic gift.

While we were there, I was able to meet with a man who is anointed in his ministry. He helps people take the vision God has given them and shares ways to put the vision into action. For me, he listened to what was on my heart to do here in Honduras. Then he took all the things I talked about and came up with an outline for our ministry work. Amazingly, Byron drew out the exact vision the Lord had given me about a month earlier when I had asked what we were to do in Honduras. He did add a few things I didn’t think of. My goal now is to write out the program, contact the people I need to contact to ensure there is a need, and then bring it to all of you.

Prayer Requests

That Les and I would be able to comprehend the spoken Spanish language better and better each day. That we would be able to retain the knowledge we have of the Spanish language and speak it fluently and correctly so quickly that people would know God had a hand in teaching us this new language.

That there would be an outward manifestation of the healing God has given both Les and myself. It is very important that we are able to walk out what God has blessed us with so the people we minister to will know that we know our God’s healing power personally and are not sharing hopium.

We would like to move steadily forward with the foundational work for the ministry. It is our hope that we can get all the preparation and financial needs met before the end of the year so we can begin the program in January 2024.  

There are 2 men who need healing that I have been praying for. Both men are older yet still need to support themselves and their wives. In this country seniors do not get to retire with an income like in the U.S. If you do not have a family to help you, you work until you die. Please join us in praying that their healing would also be manifested so they are able to support themselves.

I have had several people ask for prayer for themselves or a family member who is dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm thoughts. Please join me in praying for them.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for our families back in the states. They have been dealing with some extra issues in their lives and could use some relief. Thank you.

We have been made aware of some issues with our truck. We are hoping to have the money to get the issues fixed soon. We are also in need of a vehicle that will seat 4 to 6 people. Our current truck fits 2 adults in the front and has 2 drop down side seats. Because of the heat here, anyone sitting back there can get burned from the heat of the back wall of the cab. So, If you know of anyone who has a pickup or Jeep type vehicle that is higher off the ground and has 4 wheel drive that they would be willing to part with it we would be grateful. It doesn’t have to be pretty but does need to be able to withstand the constant bumps and ditches of the washed out dirt roads as well as handle well on the windy mountain roads.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Asking a special blessing for us all to have extra wisdom as we pray about the things happening around the world. The fires, wars, earthquakes, flooding, people starving and without a warm place to sleep. I hope we all remember that sometimes prayer is the way we can help change things as we speak Gods word with the assurance that it will not return to Him without accomplishing that which it was sent out to do. Let’s give our angles something to do.  

Cele and Les Walker

Walker Ministries

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Charity Ford — Nicaragua

Update on Gym Renovation

I wanted to give you all a quick update on where we are on the gym renovation and also share an urgent need with you that we need you to please agree with us in prayer regarding. As most of you know we have been in the process of renovating our gym for some time. But, what many of you probably aren’t aware of is the teak trees we have purchased.

This is something I have been working on for over 6 months now. It has been a lot more difficult that I originally thought, but worth it. As a result of the high cost of the wood needed for this project I started looking at the possibility of buying trees and processing them ourselves and hopefully save quite a bit of money as well.

So… I found 107 Teak Trees that we could purchase for much less than the price it would have cost us to buy wood needed in the gym and at the same time have enough  wood to use for repairs and projects we have pending here and even have enough wood to even build a Rancho (Open Air Pavilion) here in El Crucero to hold meetings and activities outside with a much larger capacity than our chapel. This has been a vision I’ve had for many years now, but much more needed now than ever since we no longer have the gym under roof to hold activities like we had in the past. I have to say that getting these trees has been a long and difficult process, learning about all the requirements here legally and getting the necessary documents and approvals from the government, but I’m excited to report that it is finally happening!

On Tuesday we were able to start loading our first semi with trees to transport them to a warehouse we are renting where we will be processing them. I found a warehouse we could rent for $300 where we can store and process these trees since we have no place here in El Crucero. The Lord gave us favor with the owners, because they were originally asking much more than that. But even at $300 it was a big step of faith for us to commit to, because we don’t have close to enough monthly support for the monthly expenses we already have, but I’m believing the Lord will provide. Please agree with us in prayer for this need and so many other needs we have. Thankfully we had enough finances come in towards the gym renovations that I was able to purchase the trees, but those finances have ran out and now we don’t have the finances necessary to transport them or to continue on with this project.

It’s going to take 2 trips with a semi to get all the trees moved. I was able to borrow $1,500 to cover the expenses of the first trip we made on Tuesday. This covered the cost of the Semi, 2 tractors and their drivers to help load the trees and a crew of about a dozen men. However we still have one more trip we need to make to get all of these trees moved which is going to cost us an additional $1,500. We need to get these trees moved ASAP. We can’t leave the trees where they are any longer or we could risk losing them. Please agree with us for the $3,000 that we urgently need to get these trees moved to the warehouse as well as the rest of the finances we need to complete this project ($17,000).

To help with this project please visit:

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support of New Hope Children’s Foundation!

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