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Important Report from Arlene Reitz, Guatemala

Praising God for the wonderful work He is doing!  Pastor Antonio sent me the photos of the church.  My heart is to fulfill God’s call on my life in Guatemala, specifically with building up Fountain of Grace Church, by mentoring Pastor Antonio, teaching the women and raising up teams for leadership-Plus get the church building project completed, and specially the sanctuary as soon as possible.  We are moving forward in the Spirit of Unity.  Bridges of Grace sowed money for the windows right before my departure to the States for hip surgery.  And these photos tell the story.  We are on target! Give God the Glory!

My plan was to get the windows in while in the States recuperating!  They did it!
I am so pleased with their progress.  It motivates me to press in more and more to complete my therapy and return to these precious people and the powerful work God is doing!
The second part of my plan is to be able to raise more funds for the floor while I am in the States.  I am asking for help.  Please keep Fountain of Grace Church lifted up in pray as we continue to move forward.   And please pray that I will continually be strengthened that I will be well and able to speak up in churches and into the hearts of others to join Pastor Antonio and Bridges of Grace Ministries build up the Kingdom Of God in Xecam, Cantel, Guatemala.  Fountain of Grace Church is a worthy cause and a great field to sow good seed and reap an abundant harvest, bringing all Glory to God.  If we aren’t laboring with Jesus, we labor in vain.  He is Savior, Lord, and King of the harvest!

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Danny Steyne-Special Report from Colombia, South America

Barranquilla, Colombia, South America: June 2018
My heart is overwhelmed with joy. What an amazing trip to Barranquilla, Colombia. A prophetic word about a dozen years ago was completely accurate. “You’ve seen what I have done in Columbia, South Carolina… but when you go to Colombia, South America everything will explode there and with everything and everywhere!”
We were in Colombia when the summit with Trump (USA) and Kim (North Korea) happened. In Colombia on Sunday elections were held and Duque was elected, something that will bring much shift in the geo-political realm… something I saw and spoke that the impact will not result in the same kind of resistance that Trump has experienced in the USA. God is paving the way for the Gospel to be spread further. Revival has dawned on Colombia.
Numerous miracles took place from deaf ears hearing and the blind seeing, to the lame walking both in meetings and on the streets… one man holding a crutch above his head as a smile shone on his face. Tumors shrunk and disappeared. Demons fled afraid of the Jesus in us… on one occasion in a prison literally screaming at Manuel “don’t touch me” as she ran from him…which evoked demons throughout the room to shout, “leave us alone!” The impact of the Lord was great on that day.
During one day several of us were on the largest radio station in the region. It was being listened to by somewhere around 80,000. At one point the Holy Spirit swept into that room as people across the city received powerful touches from God. Abby Rotch and Greg Senecal led powerful breakthrough worship in a meeting happening on the first floor and Rebekah Rotch released a powerful message on overcoming that broke on that room with a cry that was hard all through region on the radio. There was amazing ministry that morning. The previous night we had ministered on the streets near that station and many called in as God healed them. Many were saved that night as our team ministered on the streets and preaching through a PA system. Our two youngest members of the team, Abby Rotch, and Emily Flavell preached with amazing power and boldness and were joined later by John Rotch and Greg Senecal who released healing and Jesus to the many who passed by and over the airwaves throughout the region. Many were touched. During this time we as a team scattered on the streets with an incredible translation team and saw many come to Jesus and be healed. 
Salvation happened in every gathering we were in. Healings happened in every meeting were in. Deliverances happened in every meeting we were in. But with all those in the meetings… It continued to happen on the streets, the places we visited, and the hotel that we stayed at. God truly did a mighty work.
It was pretty obvious the enemy was not happy with us and one of the buses carrying all our translators was in an accident that totaled the bus. It was a difficult thing to process through the owner who made his livelihood with that bus, but he carried amazing joy all week, as he continued to come to the meetings and cooked meals for us several times!
I saw many healed, including a blind man and deaf woman, a man whose foot was destroyed through stepping on a mine. His story was amazing… and I don’t believe we have finished hearing about that one. He carries a powerful anointing for governmental leadership and God touched he and his wife profoundly. By the end of the time with him along the riverwalk where many are in the evenings… Armand Roberts had him parading his crutch above his head as his smile beamed about the goodness of God! Many were healed, freed, and saved that night. 
At our final meeting on Sunday morning I spoke a word to a young man. I didn’t realize the impact it would become. Later as we were meeting with the pastor and his wife the young man came in the room. He was the pastor’s son. I began sharing more about his life and what God intended for him. It was then that he told me he had been in many meetings with many others, but that day was different. It was like God noticed him and spoke directly to him. He quickly left and returned about ten minutes later with tears streaming down his face. He explained that he was one of twelve children, (eight boys). He shared how all of the others followed God, but he (as he showed us his tattoo covered arms) became rebellious in many ways. I had already told him that he carried the anointing of the Lord to reach his generation differently than his siblings… that he would be a powerful leader in his nation with the hand of the Lord on him. Another team member, Denise Lambert, shared that she saw a kingly anointing on him. I shared the story of David. No one saw the anointing on David’s life either, because he was different…but he was the anointed one. He shared how he had been ministered to for many years by speaker after speaker, with no impact, but that morning something landed inside in a way that he knew God was turning his life around that day. There was so much ministry that occurred in his life, every one of the team was greatly impacted. Several said, “I think he is the reason we came to Barranquilla…”
Our plan is to return likely in January or February 2019. My prayer is that we bring a team just as incredible as this one. Manuel Aponte Madrid thank you for opening the door through Revival Nations (a ministry with whom we will be partnering in Colombia as well as others). Thanks for all you did in setting up the most incredible places for us to release ministry. We will see much Kingdom together. Denise Lambert what an incredible job you did coordinating flights and team and Nancy Laflamme for your amazing blessing and help on this journey! You all, John Rotch, Armand Roberts, Dan & Sue Rondeau, Greg Senecal, Sue Gonzalez, Emily Michelle Flavell, and Rebekah and Abby Rotch … along with the amazing translators… we became family… and you truly have been “The Dream Team!” I would, and plan to, go anywhere in the world with you!
Let’s take this back to the USA and watch God take over a Nation… as we also continue to go throughout the whole world!! (See more opportunities to be a part of Teams to South Africa, Poland, Brazil etc. on our website www.TheMountain.org)
Thank you to each of you who helped the team come, and specifically to those of you who partner with Mountain Of Worship to facilitate us going to the Nations! Your gifts are greatly appreciated and you become a part of all we do as you give!
Love you all!
Thanks for praying for us.
Danny Steyne