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News from Renaissance Outreach Ministries-Uganda and Nepal with Jan Beaderstadt

The Covid-19 continues to be a nightmare for the world today.

As I write this article, Nepal and Uganda remained locked down. In Nepal, police roam the streets, enforcing the curfew against those who would dare to venture out. In both countries, the lockdown has been extended to around the first of June, with no guarantee that the lockdowns will end then.

The number of cases have actually been relatively small. As of May 19, there are 375 cases with two deaths. In Uganda there are 260 cases with no deaths. These countries have a population of 29 million and 42 million, respectively. Lockdowns continue to be extended into early June, with no promise of coming to an end. The local people in many places are going hungry due to lack of ability to buy food from stores and vendors. In many ways, those residing in rural villages have it better as they grow their own food.

Still, life is very difficult for the people in Africa and Asia. Worse yet is the fear of the COVID19 virus. Even though they have very few cases compared to USA, there is often desperation in their voices when they talk of the future. They hear the reports through their media, and worry about their families. Social distancing is not easily accomplished in these countries. Extended families often live in single room huts with barely enough room for the family to lay down at night. It is not uncommon to see 15 to 25 people living in one house. Houses in the cities are larger, but still contain large families.

In Uganda, it is still quite common to have six children in a family (it was a tradition for a Ugandan woman to have twelve children). Combine this with other relatives and you definitely have a full house. All public transportation has come to a halt. The local people travel in densely traveled buses or mini-vans (called micros). The mini-vans are designed to hold 14 people plus driver. Usually, they will easily carry 25 or more. Personal space is not a concern in these countries.

Tourists can afford the more expensive buses or rent vehicles; the local people are not so fortunate. The lower priced transportation does not come with a lot of comfort, but it certainly beats walking. The people of Nepal and Uganda are working to follow the laws. While food may be scarce and many are going hungry, they are persevering. Suffering is a part of life in these countries. While the virus remains a threat, their faith does get them through each day. Return this year?

Returning to Nepal in June

The plan is for Rev. Beaderstadt to return to Nepal in late June. This all depends upon air travel and restrictions in both USA and these countries. In Kathmandu, all commercial flights as well as domestic are cancelled. To date, Qatar Airways has not cancelled the flight to Kathmandu. All we can do is wait.

Once arriving in Nepal, Rev. Beaderstadt would have to self-quarantine for two weeks. Fortunately, staff can still come to work during that time. He just won’t be able to leave the building unless symptoms of COVID-19 show up and he would have to go to the local hospitals. We will keep you updated on travel plans. Classes for the Jesus Seminary are now being conducted on line.

Jesus Seminary going on-line classes during virus

The COVID-19 virus has closed all schools and universities in Kathmandu. After being closed for six weeks, Rt. Rev. Barnabas Titung, chancellor of the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas has started to conduct classes online using Facebook. In June, Rev. Beaderstadt is planning to bring a large screen TV to Nepal which will be used to train pastors in the classroom. PowerPoints can be shown on its screen.

Foreign instructors from USA and other countries can also be beamed into Nepal and shown on the screen. By using ZOOM, instructors can beam themselves into the classroom and students can ask questions. This process becomes a way for the instructor to see their students and the students to interact with their professors. Large screen TVs are much cheaper in USA than in Nepal.

Renaissance Outreach can legally bring in a large screen TV which will cost less, even having to pay for the extra baggage on the flight.

Flooding hits Kasese

Heavy rains hit the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda in May, creating disastrous flash flooding in the lower mountains on its way to Kasese where Renaissance Outreach Ministries does its work. The mountain village of Kilembe was destroyed by the angry waters of the river that roared through the narrow valley. The hospital where students from the Rwenzori School of Nursing & Midwifery do their practicum is no more. It was a government hospital consisting of several buildings that was swept away. Fortunately, there were no deaths as all patients had been evacuated before the flash flood hit. Kilembe is the site of copper mining in Uganda.

The village usually sees a major flood of this nature every 50 years. The last one was in 2013 that destroyed many buildings and the bridge in town. To have another flood of this caliber so soon is very unusual, which reflects upon the changing climate in Africa. The family of our friend Bwambale William reside in Kilembe. Fortunately, their family farm is on higher ground as while the rains did damage to some of their outbuildings, they were safe.

Once the water reaches Kasese, there is enough room for the waters to spread out. Parts of Kasese did suffer some flooding, but nothing like what hit Kilembe.

Your coffee is coming

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, Renaissance Outreach Ministry has been unable to get new shipments of coffee and tea. All commercial flights in and out of Nepal have been cancelled and the airport closed. Right now, a limited number of air freight flights are flying at double the regular air freight prices. We are hoping to be able to get a shipment of coffee and tea in the next three weeks. We do have some tea and soap in stock. Coffee supplies are now exhausted.

If you want to order coffee, please let us know by email. We will update you on our situation. Our address is be.kultraining@gmail.com

Surgery went well

The ankle replacement surgery that Rev. Beaderstadt had on March 13 has been healing on schedule, according to Dr. Matthew Walton, the surgeon from University of Michigan. When he went in for surgery, little did he realize that the entire world would change on March 13. It was then that Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order shutting down the state of Michigan went into effect. Rev. Beaderstadt had known that he would be stuck at home for at least six weeks in recovery.

What he didn’t expect is that his wife and youngest daughter would be home with him. Barbara Beaderstadt is a teacher at Head Start in Whittemore. The school building was closed by executive order along with all schools in Michigan. The Head Start program has scrambled to try and provide projects for the children to do with their parents at home.

Once a week, she and her staff travel to drop off weekly activities on the porches and front doors of student’s homes. They can have no physical contact with the children. Their daughter Shainna teaches at Tawas Area Schools. She works in special education and has been seeing students on line.

Rev. Beaderstadt is now using a walker and hopes to be off that soon. He still needs a brace for support while the ankle is still healing.

Save those “G” dollars We’ve been telling you to save those dollars with the letter “G” on the left hand side. Those are “God’s Dollars” and you can use them to support the work of Renaissance Outreach Ministries.

In the month of April, Rev. and Mrs. Beaderstadt were able to find 61 $1 “G” bills. Each month, it is easy to find those dollars in your change as you shop. When you get those “G” dollars, fold them in half and tuck them in a corner of your wallet. Each night at home, take them out and put them into an envelope.

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, President

be.kultraining@gmail.com—(989) 254-1279

May 28

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May 27

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May 19

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May 15

Excellent Report from the Szymanski Family in Mexico

Dear Friends,

I know many people feel they are just waiting in limbo under these lock down rules. We ourselves have been in lock down for 11 weeks now. It is difficult but don’t let it stop you.

Over the last Month Maricruz has been organizing a prayer event that she organized and held from home. This Prayer event was a online event called 2 days of crying out for Mexico. Nearly 60,000 people joined us in our event praying for Mexico. I was amazed how many wanted to pray in this event. One catholic lady called us as she wanted to let us know she and a group of her friends were praying with us.

Maricruz is now getting requests from people in many other Countries wanting her to lead a prayer event for their Countries. The sounds of intercession are ringing in our house day and night. This is truly a time to call on God to heal our World.

I have been enjoying opening up my Bible and reading to my family. This has started many good conversations with our son. Putting God in our daily activities is the best thing we can do. One of my sisters is often posting prayers on Facebook. It is so encouraging to read these prayers but it is even more encouraging that she takes the time to do this to encourage us all. Thanks Cherie

We put in the extra effort to keep the radio station operating. With everyone locked in their houses they are tuning into the Radio more. Our words of encouragement and the worship music is a life line for many people right now. It is awesome how many people are listening. We just got a call from one of our local Catholic Priest who wanted to tell us know how much he enjoys our radio programs.

Please keep us in your prayers. Everyone is out of work and the crime is out of control. People are hungry and they will do whatever they need to to get food for their families. Don’t forget to check on your loved ones and neighbors. Maybe they need some food or just someone to talk to. Please remember the missionaries that are all around the World risking their lives daily for the Gospel of Jesus.

With Love
Rick Maricruz Daniel Szymanski

May 14

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May 12

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May 05

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May 05

April Report from Stephanie Baughman, CEF Missionary in Tasmania, Australia

G’Day Friend,

How are you as we settle into somewhat of a new normal during this pandemic? I hope you are staying well. Let me know if you have family affected by COVID so that I may pray for them. How are you spending your time these days? As the world has slowed down, have you found new hobbies or projects around the house?
I hope that you are taking some of the extra time to delve deeper into God’s Word and prayer. Personally, I have been studying 1 Kings. After Israel had begged for a king before Saul, many of the ones after David (where 1 Kings picks up) turned out to be pretty disobedient. Yet, God was still Sovereign over history and the government. I’ve been studying with both my sending church Sardis Baptist in Swansea and my Bible study group in Tasmania as well.
At Sardis, we are learning from 1 John about how we can have confidence and be sure of salvation in Christ. This is shown in the love we have for one another.
In Tasmania, we’re doing a study called Discipleship Explored. This week was about what we are living for and what it looks like when all of that is stripped away in a Christ-follower’s life. We talked about how even in jail, Paul had joy. What have you been learning during this time?
As a high-risk person, I am staying home with two exceptions, but finding ways to engage with ministry. The borders to Australia are closed at the moment. The Australian Embassy has assured me that if I continue to work 38 hours/week from home my Visa will stay active, and I will be able to return when the borders open. Therefore, much of my focus has shifted back to Tasmania.
Over April, I was able to video chat with some of the children who would normally come to a holiday club. Through the help of a friend who had email addresses, I was able to send a greeting to those we reached at the Easter Festival last year encouraging them to read the book of Mark to know more about the hope we have in Jesus. I’ve been able to send links to a Christian movie Pilgrim’s Progress, an online video Good News Club that came from CEF’s home office, Easter craft ideas and devotionals to families around Launceston.
Sadly, for the children, April school holidays are now ending. School is returning this week for Term 2 online. Last night I spoke with one of my special needs children on the phone as she returned to school in a very different way this term. She is having a hard time adjusting to this without her friends around. It is typical of many children although those with special needs are hit the hardest in the change of normal.
Good News Club will continue to try to reach the children even when we can’t be with them. After consulting with CEF in a couple of other Australian states and my Tasmanian pastor on what the situation and needs are like on the ground, tomorrow I will be having a Zoom meeting with the volunteers giving them several options to choose from in personally ministering to the children. We will decide then as a group which idea to go with as our go-to strategy for Term 2.
Much of my time these days is spent in preparing for Term 3 when I will hopefully be back on the ground in Tasmania. I am designing lesson plans on the Life of Peter to teach the Tasmanian children at a later date. It is great to have the extra time to plan lessons because I can delve into the Scripture passages on a deeper level.
I am also planning on writing a missionary story for children on the Rev. Frederick Fairey. He was a missionary in Tasmania in the 1880’s He had a canoe he nicknamed “The Evangelist”. He would paddle it all through the rivers of Tasmania stopping along the way wherever people were settled and preach to them about Jesus. I have been fascinated with the story ever since running across it three years ago researching Tasmanian history, especially since the fellow had the same last name as my mother’s side of the family. We are not kin. I did check. However, I never had time to write a story on him before. Now find myself with more time on my hands to pursue this. I have let the National office of CEF know so it can be used in other parts of Australia as well.
I mentioned that there were two exceptions to me leaving the house. One is to visit my Dad and step-mom at their house. The other is to attend drive-in church. I have been switching my time the last couple of weeks between churches that are using this option here locally. It was great to fellowship with Faith Baptist about two blocks away from my house a couple weeks ago.
This past Sunday God gave me the wonderful opportunity to share a simple Gospel message on your hand at Praise Family Church of God. It was amazing because God moved on a lady’s heart during the service, and I was able to lead her to Jesus from behind a mask and gloves. First time that’s happened, but gift of salvation that Christ offers knows no barriers! She has already begun to read the book of Mark, and we plan to continue to stay in touch.
I hope to visit with those of you at Willow Swamp Baptist Church this Sunday just to say hello from the truck. Then, if nothing else changes, on May 17, I plan to speak on Psalm 78 and tell some stories about Tasmania at the Barnyard Worship Service near the Barnyard Flea Market.

Prayer requests:

·         Pray for the Zoom meeting of Good News Club teachers tomorrow that everyone’s technology would work.
·         Pray for God to guide us with wisdom as to which method He would have us use to minister to the boys and girls in school Term 2 from home.
·         Pray for Mikayla as she gets adjusted to learning online instead of with her friends.
·         Pray for safety and for COVID to be eradicated in Tasmania.
·         Pray for God to open up the opportunity for me to return to Tasmania in His time.
May God bless you and may you grow in Him at this difficult time.
Love in Christ,

May 05

Hope Ireland Missions, Chris & Larena Johnston – TMCI Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

APRIL 2020–Focusing on Jesus

“…looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

Greetings from Galway:

Zoom Sunday services and Torch – a new way to do ministry!

We hope you had a great Easter despite the circumstances. We are still awaiting the end of our lock-down. As of today, there have been 1,159 Covid-19 related deaths in Ireland and 19,877 total cases. The lock-down has created many obstacles for us as a church. Services have gone completely digital.

On Fridays, I still have my Torch meetings. I’m able to meet with my leaders, have a time of devotion, pray together, and even play an online game of pictionary with them. We’re trying to keep each other’s morale up during this time of isolation. I’m disappointed that none of my youth have any access to the level of technology needed to join any virtual meetings, but at least I can continue to encourage and disciple our youth leaders.

Sunday services started out as Pastor Peter uploading sermons to YouTube. We’ve taken the step towards a more interactive meeting, and this past week introduced Zoom church. We had about half of the church show up for a massive video conference call. We had a time of sharing, we prayed together, and listened to a sermon from Pastor Peter. It was my responsibility to facilitate the meeting, making sure everything went smoothly, and that there were no security issues.

We are also starting a midweek service on Wednesday nights. It’s a smaller attendance, but it gives people a chance to connect and get spiritually fed outside of Sunday services. Frankly, this has been something we’ve been talking about doing for a long time now, so what better time to get it started up than during a time of quarantine! So far we’ve had two weeks of midweek service. I’ll be leading next week’s, and I’m super excited about it!

Quarantine Blues

I know many people are experiencing “quarantine blues.” Trust me, we definitely went through a period of time where the isolation was really weighing on us. We’ve made some minor adjustments to our daily schedules, our priorities, and our overall mind-set. I think we’re in a good place now, but still quite ready to go back to the real world. Thankfully, we’ve had really nice weather recently.

I feel sorry for Anora, during all of this. I mean, she’s super happy about having me around the house more, since I’ve had to work from home, but she hasn’t been able to see any of her friends. She has two friends in particular named Asher and Jackson. They’re probably her closest friends, and not being able to see them has really made her sad. Last week, she cried her eyes out when she found out she wasn’t able to play with them for a while.

My heart goes out to all the parents out there, and especially parents who have to home school! There are so many adjustments we all have to go through.

I had an interesting thought recently. At the end of this lock-down we should all come away with two or three different areas of self-improvement. This is at least MY goal. For me, I’m focusing on improving my grilling/baking skills, physical fitness, and developing a YouTube daily devotional blog. Larena is writing her own book and potty training Anora.

What are your 2-3 areas?

Larena and I are praying for each of you daily. We know this lock-down is taking a toll, and we are constantly praying for your protection. We pray that you and your families will be kept safe from the virus. We also pray for God’s protection over your finances. Remember that God is in control. He’s not surprised by the things that are happening. The current situation may seem like a giant uncontrollable disaster, or even like a storm that’s raging around us, threatening our livelihoods.

Just remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t focus on the storm! Focus on Him. We will survive this storm and continue towards the mission He’s called us to do! God bless you!

Love from Chris, Larena, and Anora.

Prayer Requests

We would be honored if you would pray with us concerning:
Please pray for new ways to connect and interact with people and share the Gospel message during this �me.
Please pray for Ireland, that this will cause more hearts to be open to the Gospel.
Please pray for all those who have suffered with this virus, either mentally, physically or financially.
Please pray that soon we will begin to live the new normal and be able to connect again with others as we are not meant to be alone. We are meant to connect and meet and spread the Good News that Jesus Christ died and was raised to life to save us from our sins.

Support Information

If you would like to team up & contribute to this important mission, please make checks out to:
Hope Ireland Missions 229 W. Exchange St. Crete, IL 60417
(Chris & Larena Johnston on the memo line)


Simply go to: www.hopeirelandmissions.com & click on “partner.”

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